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Top 5 Stargate Universe Episodes

Out of the Top 5 i have made to do with the Stargate franchise, this one was the hardest to narrow down to just five episodes. This could be because the episodes are more fresh in my mind than the other series, or it could because many of the 40 episodes are of a very equal standard to each other. That is not to say it’s a better series but probably a more consistent with the episodes than the other shows. That does fit in with the fact it has a larger ark going through the program. I’m going to talk about why i liked the episode not what happened in it, because any one that actually does read this will probably know what happens.

5) Light

The destiny dives into the a sun

This was the first episode of Stargate universe to make me feel something for the character of the show, the danger felt real because the show was new and i was not sure how far they would go to a make risk element in the show. The music was absolutely superb, with what i i considered was the best score in any Stargate episode. While many did argue that the first 30 mins was slow, however i felt it all built up to explosive and hot episode.

4) Lost

The space dino

As the space dino above show this was an action packed episode, with the most use of the all important Stargate than i can ever remember, they visit many different worlds in this episode, each world has it’s own unique feel and it’s builds a lot of tension culminating in a great cliff hanger (which was ruined slightly by the next episode). We find out a lot about one of our character, told through flash backs. We see Greer with an Afro and who would not want that; worth the admission price itself that.

3) Blockade


Just for the fact the episode has visual effects, that would look good against the latest million dollar blockbuster, makes it deserves a place in the top 5. The second to last episode of the series, and i talked about the episode in my bi-week bi-week  round up of the last episodes of SGU, a couple of month’s ago. The great thing about this that both the A story and the B story are so good that you can’t tell which is which. Another episode that has great music playing throughout.

2) Time

Scott the action hero

This was the episode that even some of the more hardcore Universe neigh-sayers admitted was pretty damn cool. Time takes a well know part of the stargate mythology (the fact a Stargate can send you back in time; given the correct set of circumstances) and create not only a classic Stargate episode but a classic peace of Sci-fi, while the story is not completely original, it is done in original way, some people did not like the like cloverfield (that film) type camera angle, i was neither happy nor angry at it, i did not notice it all that much. I think this was Scott greatest episodes (even though technically not our Scott) i’m confused now.

1) Awakening

Ugly but ever so slightly cute

While not wholly are allies they were the aliens that were arguably the friendly aliens that we met; out there in the big wide universe. The scene which still gives me goosebumps the most in this one, is seeing the room where the Stargate are made. In over 300 episodes of stargate this is the most we ever see of the ancient devices being made. As always the vis effects are awesome and we see Telford take the center stage more, he changed from an annoying hindrance to a friend and a good character.

There is not much inbetween any of the episodes in this top 5.
Episodes such as Common Decent and Malice only just missed out.

Damn i miss Stargate, think i’m going to have get involved in the Gateworld Stargate rewatch.

Other news of note
4 More working days till i’m out of a job, confusing times ahead for me i feel.
Leeds won again and they are just 80 mins away from getting to another Grand final.

I hate I tunes

I sold my first i pod touch to my sister and now i’m spending the afternoon on the most un-user friendly thing application ever trying to get the songs she want on to it.

That is all.

I was born with no sphincter

Did you know that ducks lack the sphincter muscle? It just comes out, no matter what. It does not  make a difference if you train a duck it won’t matter they will poop if they need to poop. That why when you go to your local pet store there is no duck section; with little duck beds and toys. No one wants a pet that has no control over when it shits. I like a duck have no sphincter, however instead of the sphincter in my anus which is fully working, although it did let a little too much out to quickly this morning. No it is the sphincter that is situated in my brain, while it is an imaginary thing, it is just as important.


The sphincter in my brain does the same job, which is to keeping the shit out. Sometime i feel i was born without this. It’s not that i go out like a person with tourette and swear at every person i see or tell them what i truly think of them. If that was the case, i’d be fired from my job (i’d have a few comments) and i would have no friends. What happens is what comes out of my mouth albeit not offensive to anyone it will make my life a little more difficult, what i do  is i lie, lie a lot. Boy have i told a few porkers in my life.
A couple of highlights of the last few weeks are;

  1. I’m off traveling for three months; i used recycle details of my sister trip to add some more detail in to this lie.
  2. Saying i took my driving theory test a week earlier than i did, this was for no good reason, that why this is a strange one. *

The lies i do are basically make my life easier, i say them to get people off my back for that moment, but the problem with my lies are that they are easily found out and are only of a benefit for a short period of time.Another thing that the lack of  a brain sphincter means that rather than comment on other people in a negative way, i tend to comment on myself negative way and in opposition to my lying i will tell embarrassing facts in detriment to myself. Take this blog for example, in putting lie number 1 down it could make life kind of complected for the next few weeks  if the wrong people see it.So in conclusion i am a fucking idiot, that makes an already complicated existence that little more complicated.

* I did pass my driving theory test (no lie)

Other news of note

  • Leeds rhinos won for a change, Brian McDermott (the coach) needs to go.
  • I am reading Lord of the rings as watching the movies had made crave the read.
  • I am having a lot of writing trouble at the moment and it’s making me reconsider a few things.

So….. that last night.

Random murmurings

After a messy, a tiring and frustrating night. Right now i feel so very tender each touch to my body makes me shudder a little. I was out for a friends birthday,it was an Okay night. It always nice to see some of my old friend many of whom i don’t see nearly as much as i should. I don’t see them for a number of reason; university, they work but mainly i think it’s a lack of me trying and maybe their is a part of me that does not want see some people for whatever reason.  However back to this night in question, i think what makes night outs crap and frustrating is the lack of stuff actually happen. Down my gullet lot of booze went but still the whole night dragged, on night out this seems to be a more often that not happening. It was not all bad there was some good conversation and it was nice……….well it was nice to get drunk.  It got frustrating again when i had a long cold walk home, because i was too afraid to get a taxi on my own (ended up walking alone instead). After getting home in my bed at 5am, i could not get to sleep, all pretty normal with the amount of sugary drinks that drank. The problem was the fact i had to get up at 10:00 for work; i was and am very tired. Just thought i do a quick blog.

The One Hundredth Blog

Damn that has gone fast……………

In the last 100 post you have seen me on the dole, in a job, in a job i don’t like and soon (next month) probably on the dole again.
You have seen me post pointless post that are nothing but space fillers ( you have also seen post that mean a hell of lot to me (
This blog started as an area which i could post a little of my writing (see the pages at the side) and for a part i have done that with 3 shorts story’s and a prologue of my novel i’m writing. That novel btw has stalled, hit a brick wall and killed all the passengers (my driving lessons are going good by the by) and i have almost given up on it or on myself i should say. However this blog has turned in to much more of a bombardment of my thoughts however meaningless, with constant top 5 list’s; which for some reason i’d think you would be interested in. I never expected a large readership for this blog, i never got it. Partly the reason for this is because of my constant digression in the style of my blog and the content. I tried my best to counter the diversion of my mind, with some regular features (top 5’s, song month, book and TV reviews) and they tend to be the most viewed pages.  Be that as it may i am still happy with my blog, if it’s anything (and it is) it is a place where (however poor) i can write semi regular when i don’t feel like writing in prose. I like this blog, i hope whoever reads, regular or not, enjoys it. I hope i will be still be bothered to do this in a 100 more blogs, because i am a very lazy person.

Song of the month – July

So it was Glastonbury  last week, and it always nice to watch on the BBC coverage (online and TV) to watch either band/singer you like or ones you have never heard of. Well i had heard of Janelle Monae through her having a brief appearance on Stargate Universe, she was fine but i never thought more of her. The other night however i decided to watch it online ( i loved her. I thought she was an excellent singer, her style was fantastic and she dances are hypnotic . So i bought her album “ArchAndroid” (a very cheep £4.99) which had 18 tracts on it, the album is a concept one, and has a little story to it; an android on the run (very blade runner). I think the fact that the album was very Sci-Fi oriented helped me to get into her, because this is not normally the kind of music that i am into. I loved the album so much that i then when on to buy her EP that was released. I’d recommend the album and the EP it has so many different styles of music, but the song that i have listen is a song off the EP (Metropolis) “Violet Stars Happy Hunting”. Hope you like it as much as i do.