Announcing – Barry Origins

That’s right the lovable dole rat is back.

That new short story i talked about will be coming soon, as i write the prequel to the pool kings tale. While a short story is a poor substitute to a new movie, for now it will have to do.

To celebrate the return, my good friend James Dudley has wrote a little history lesson on the story behind Barry, read it here

I hope to have the story up on my blog on Monday. I will leave you with little taste of what is to come from the Origins with a little extract from the story.

“Barry laid there on his single bed, his boxers were half down and Brenda could see half of his crack. Brenda thought of her husband laid on this single bed, it had been such a long time since they slept in the same bed together, and even longer since they had made love. He had been such a good lover, Brenda felt week at the knees at the thoughts of their past entanglements. The way his moustache would stroke the sides of her thighs, how he always ask first before entering; a quirk he picked up during the days when the ripper was still hanging around. “

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