Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 19 and 20

Well it’s over, the last two episode of Stargate universe has aired. I know I sound like a broken record, but don’t worry it’s over now…… well at least until this blog is over.

Blockade 2-19

Part one of the so called drone double episode. As the title so correctly shows, their is a blockade, the evil mysterious drones have taken place at in front of the power giving stars in destiny path. With power dwindling down and not many options the crew becomes desperate, Eli comes up with a lonely plan though. Using the wrong kinda star to power up destiny’s batteries. The star will heat up the ship to a level in which any body on board (without special the suits (of which there is only 3)) would die. So they of course use the Stargate to gate a planet while the ship charges up. It is an action pack episode, with both ground and space battles with the drones. It was nice to see another planet and the gate get used, as it only briefly used in the next episode

Gauntlet 2-20

Watching this episode in the knowledge that not everything would be resolved was best thing I could have done. In a surprisingly satisfying ending. Everything is left open; as i thought, it still ended in an emotional soothing journey. It was sad, uplifting and a slightly bit mad. Rush was confirmed as the crazy uncle, as they discussed the crew being a family. That was a nice moment, moments like that were common in SG1 and Atlantis and it was nice to it SGU after a year and half of crew squabbles.

So that it, it’s over kaput, gone to the big network in they sky. It’s an ex show, that will only be seen in syndication and in my Blu ray player. I’m sad not only for the end show, but the end of the franchise.  That is it for now, for Stargate and all these Stargate related blogs, well at least for a bit.


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