I have a vision

Today i have had a vision of the future……. wait hear me out, i’m not crazy. It was me in what seemed like 20 years……. you know what it was an extreamly depressing vision. There was not flying cars, the computers  was slightly smaller, i myself was slightly larger. I was sat a desk very slimier to the one i was at when i had the vision itself.  It was an awful vision, only the sight of me or someone i loved getting blown to bits could have been worse. I’m not cut out for a desk job, like the one i have now, i get bored a little to easy. I think if i don’t become a writer or at least spend a good percentage ( say 30% )of my life at trying to achieve this goal, well i will never be happy. On the topic of writing; i hope to have a short story, that will be suitable for the blog ready soon(ish).

With the end of Stargate and this vision, it’s not the best start to the week.



One thought on “I have a vision

  1. hemp

    Shes had it with her ever since shares that tonight will be the hardest night and she shouldnt have it. We have hope. I have watched life come back to her and it has been a privilege.


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