Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 17 and 18

It seems lots of my post recently are about Stargate, I thought i might as well get as many of them in while I can.

It’s my penultimate roundup of last episodes of Stargate Universe.

Common Descent 2-17

Ohhhh shit……

Common Descent starts a two parter; the two parter is the greatest two parter in Stargate’s long and illustrates history. This was more action oriented episode of the two, while that was the case, the action still took second place to the story. Now the story it self was a great Sci-fi one, due to a freak accident while dialing  the Stargate inside a sun (See Twin Destines) it sent our crew back in time and stuck on a planet. Only because of Rushes action’s in the bracketed episode, stopped are crew from the same fate. Back in present day the current Destiny crew find the desdents of the crew that went back in time. In between a Drone attack and a few comic moments, we have a few flashbacks to the crew that went back in time, so we get a little idea of them building the colony. It turns out that these people are just a settlement on a planet within gate range of the original planet they colonized. This settlement says it has been around for 30 years since they lost contact, they ask the crew to bring them home. The lack of air and supplies mean they can’t help them out, a drone attack changes the matter. Since are guys are the good guys, we can’t let these people die, so we allow them on the ship. Only to find out the their/our home planet has been completely deserted.

On to part 2

Epilogue 2-18

Eli's school

Eli’s school

Following on from the last episode. Our gang search the deserted planet, to find a working database of the history of the old crew. The episode is mainly telling of the story of the starting of the colony. Emotions comes through the alternate version living this story, as well our crew seeing reading/watching their alternative lives.  I don’t want to go in to each individual scene, as my lack luster way of describing things just would not do the episode justice.
Other than some extremely emotional moments and shit like that. There is some very funny moments. My personal favorite is below.

The main sadness is that it’s taken this long to bring some consitent comedy in the show.

Episode 19 is on in two hours. See y’all on the other side


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