Make me money – The Future is Medieval

‘Whats that?’
‘Whats what?’
‘That on the right side of your Blog, you’ve created an album?

Now you see the Kaiser chiefs have done something pretty cool. With no word of warning they released their new album this morning, The Future is Medieval.  Create your album, 20 songs to choose from, choose 10 then create you artwork. They allow you to sell it on then, and get other people to buy it, you make a pound for every copy you sell. Now I don’t envision making enough copies to get close getting my money back, but prove me wrong and click one of those lovely animations at the side.

Below are my covers I made for it.

Now that was my first album, maybe I rushed but i kinda like the simplistic artwork, so I don’t think it’s too bad.

A little more stuff going on in this one. I do like it though, the great thing about this is the ease of creating an album cover. And even though many people can make the exact same thing, it still makes you proud.

The kaiser’s give you everything you need to sell their albums. Animations, a webpage and even a poster. It’s all very cool, and is how I spent most of today since i got home from work.

Now because there 20 song it means to get all them you need to make two purchases! Both at 7.50. A little bit at rip off, I think most people would have liked the option of making 1 album for 12 or 13 pounds. Maybe that’s something they will come up with later. But what a sroke of genius everyone wants to sell your album, just to make money. Why has no one ever thought of this before?

Now behind all the whohar of making your own albums, there are new 20 tracks to listen too. And after two listens of all the songs, I can safely say this is best Kaiser Chiefs album(s).
Some highlights of the album are

  1. Little shocks
  2. When it’s all quite – Which has some similar bits to damned song grimly finish
  3. Heard it Brake
  4. Man on Mars
  5. My place is here

I guess this counts as a top 5 post now?!
I’m not asking you buy my version of the album, create your own! it’s fun and good idea.

Leeds Rhinos Match now, going to see them get beat I think.


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