And now for something completely different

John Cleese was in my town, and by town i mean city, and by my and mean my neighboring city. It was not something i planed, i knew that my dad was off, while my dad did not. Since my Mum does not like any of the Monty Pythons, or even fawlty towers! (i know) Anyway i was able to go in her place.

So at the Grand in leeds, me and my dad went to see the withered (actually not bad for his age) old man try to make some money, in the wake of his recent divorced. He Joked about it, it still felt a little awkward, while honest it makes you feel at unease to hear him say “i’d rather not be here”. So he went on to the show. He talked about what you would expect, his childhood, Monty Python, fawlty towers and then A fish called wanda. It was shorter than i expected coming in at a round 1 hours and 30 mins. The old git was kept to his script, not once mention the area he was in, or insulting people off to the bog.  Teleprompter’s were station in two places. He was really funny though, I don’t know if he wrote this show, but if he did he has still got it. If not his timing is still great. He showed some classic scenes from lot’s of his different projects. The clips shows that good Humor is timeless.

It did end all so very suddenly one minute, he talked about killing dogs the next second he said “goodbye”; and was gone. He was an ex host, gone to the big Theater in the sky.

Ohhhhh…… I also found out his real name is John Cheese!

I very much enjoyed the show. Another note must go to; how good the grand in leeds looks, only my second time there. It is absolutely beautiful.

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