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Feeling ruff

Wow a non Barry related post.

I feel like i have a very bad hangover, but i have only had one drink since  i went out on Monday. While my head has been pouding i have given some thought to why i feel so run down. It maybe because i spent wayyyy to much time reading in my bed last night, in a position that can only be called unnatural. Maybe it’s because my dreams are being hunted with my worries. OR ….or there is a chance that it might be the shocking performances by Leeds Rhinos of late. It’s all probably contributed to me feeling a little less than perfect, i don’t think this nice weather is helping me though.  Oh an the thought of this BBQ happening later on makes me wanna….. well it is makes really want to vom over the whole family meal idea.

Excuse me while i pass out.


Barry top 5 movie moments

In all there has been 789 Barry movies, not all of them have been classic films but each film has a classic moment. I have lot’s of choice but i have some how managed to create a list of just 5.

5) The pool cue up hitlers bum (Barry vs Hitler)

Hitler enjoyed the match

Barry has a talent to make even the most evil and scary men laughable. A journey back through time to 1940’s Germany in which is possibly the most controversial Barry film to date, the film starts with Barry landing in the middle of D day and it takes him to a concentration camp. Barry ends up in Berlin as he tracks down his time machine. The film ends with Hitler holding Barry time machine, Barry soon turns the (pool) tables when Barry end’s up challenging Hitler to a match of Pool. Hitler is too proud to resist Barry offer and Barry bet’s against his wife Brenda life that he would beat him. Of course Barry defeats Hitler, but he does not leave without humiliating Hitler when he put’s the pool cue between his cheeks. It is perhaps one of the funnest moment in Barry history, and it meant all the Jew jokes Barry tells earlier in the movie were forgiven (or so i’m told).

4) Barry says his final goodbye to Brenda (Barry the death of Brenda pt8)
In 2009 MGM announced an 8 part film series that showed Brenda Death. In the last of the 8 films Brenda dies and a there is a touching moment between Barry and Brenda. You can really see the love between the old couple as she passes from cancer.  Barry had tried everything to stop Brenda from dying (See Barry Vs Death (The death of Brenda pt 7))  but Barry had  in the end had to accept he was powerless to stop the death of Brenda.


3) Barry and the Bee Gees (Barry “so dreams do come true”)

Barry Dreams really do come true in the light heated installment of the Barry Franchise. This filmed used groundbreaking Computer Graphics to bring back to life Maurice Gibb so that all of the BeeGees and Barry could do a live show. The moment when Barry goes up and starts the rendition Too much heaven you can really see the joy in his face. The boy’s perform all the greatest hit’s and the film has added behind the scenes videos of the two legends coming together. Along with this the film official soundtrack marked Barry’s first number 1 album (the first of many)


2) Barry says hello to Brenda (Barry and the return of Brenda Balls)
Two Month after the death of Brenda MGM announced they was bringing her back. Barry travels to hell to find Brenda, shenanigans ensue as Barry finds Hell is not all that it’s crack up to be. The moment however comes when Barry finds Brenda being tortured Barry manages to get her out there, it is also the first sex scene in a Barry film, as Barry is so happy to have her back many criticized this scene for it’s Graphic Content it was banned in many country’s.


1) Barry get’s diagnosed with cancer (1st time) (Barry 1)
Where Barry began, the newly crowned pool king is living the high life in Corfu, when he finds a lump on his back. His trip to the doctors confirm the worse, Barry has Cancer and it’s terminal. Barry has to cope with his day to life as pool king while living under this shadow. Barry handles the news with courage and pride as he tries to make the most out of the short amount of time he has left. It is truly touching tale, and the last (only) film before the series took a more comedic turn.

Announcing – Barry Origins

That’s right the lovable dole rat is back.

That new short story i talked about will be coming soon, as i write the prequel to the pool kings tale. While a short story is a poor substitute to a new movie, for now it will have to do.

To celebrate the return, my good friend James Dudley has wrote a little history lesson on the story behind Barry, read it here

I hope to have the story up on my blog on Monday. I will leave you with little taste of what is to come from the Origins with a little extract from the story.

“Barry laid there on his single bed, his boxers were half down and Brenda could see half of his crack. Brenda thought of her husband laid on this single bed, it had been such a long time since they slept in the same bed together, and even longer since they had made love. He had been such a good lover, Brenda felt week at the knees at the thoughts of their past entanglements. The way his moustache would stroke the sides of her thighs, how he always ask first before entering; a quirk he picked up during the days when the ripper was still hanging around. “

Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 19 and 20

Well it’s over, the last two episode of Stargate universe has aired. I know I sound like a broken record, but don’t worry it’s over now…… well at least until this blog is over.

Blockade 2-19

Part one of the so called drone double episode. As the title so correctly shows, their is a blockade, the evil mysterious drones have taken place at in front of the power giving stars in destiny path. With power dwindling down and not many options the crew becomes desperate, Eli comes up with a lonely plan though. Using the wrong kinda star to power up destiny’s batteries. The star will heat up the ship to a level in which any body on board (without special the suits (of which there is only 3)) would die. So they of course use the Stargate to gate a planet while the ship charges up. It is an action pack episode, with both ground and space battles with the drones. It was nice to see another planet and the gate get used, as it only briefly used in the next episode

Gauntlet 2-20

Watching this episode in the knowledge that not everything would be resolved was best thing I could have done. In a surprisingly satisfying ending. Everything is left open; as i thought, it still ended in an emotional soothing journey. It was sad, uplifting and a slightly bit mad. Rush was confirmed as the crazy uncle, as they discussed the crew being a family. That was a nice moment, moments like that were common in SG1 and Atlantis and it was nice to it SGU after a year and half of crew squabbles.

So that it, it’s over kaput, gone to the big network in they sky. It’s an ex show, that will only be seen in syndication and in my Blu ray player. I’m sad not only for the end show, but the end of the franchise.  That is it for now, for Stargate and all these Stargate related blogs, well at least for a bit.

I have a vision

Today i have had a vision of the future……. wait hear me out, i’m not crazy. It was me in what seemed like 20 years……. you know what it was an extreamly depressing vision. There was not flying cars, the computers  was slightly smaller, i myself was slightly larger. I was sat a desk very slimier to the one i was at when i had the vision itself.  It was an awful vision, only the sight of me or someone i loved getting blown to bits could have been worse. I’m not cut out for a desk job, like the one i have now, i get bored a little to easy. I think if i don’t become a writer or at least spend a good percentage ( say 30% )of my life at trying to achieve this goal, well i will never be happy. On the topic of writing; i hope to have a short story, that will be suitable for the blog ready soon(ish).

With the end of Stargate and this vision, it’s not the best start to the week.


So today’s the day

For the first time since i was knee high to a grasshopper, that i will be alive in the knowledge that there is no new Stargate to look forward to. That’s right tonight the last ever episode of Stargate Universe and of the Stargate Franchise.

We here in good ole’ England have had to wait a little longer the last two episode of Universe, but i’v been thankful to have been able to stretch that Stargate goodness for a little longer.

I will do a proper blog on the finale latter on, which will hopefully fitting for my show. I love you Stargate, i really do; honestly i really, really doooo.