Excited much?

Excited much? http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=6045…… only a little!
Excited much? http://twitter.com/#!/Rickontour/status/75132184834490368 ……. only a little!
Excited much? Just Started reading Fuzzy Nation….. only a little!

So I have yet  to complete L.A Noire, but i’v made some good progress in to the game over the last two weekends. I’m really enjoying it, it’s nice to play a game that does not play at 100 miles an hour. Some games (call of duty, other generic FPS) go at such a pace, that before you know you’re in another environment; the dessert then Hong Kong. Or you have completed the game in two sittings. Whilst the game is propelled forward by the story, or a number of story’s as it is,the thing that makes you keep playing the game is main character. You watch him rise and as he falls. At the start Cole, could not be more upstanding, he was in love with his own humanity, his morality. Through his progression and how he reacts to the story of the game he slowly because a little less moral, taking up with a German girl.

The game plays like an old point and click game, you are given an area with lot’s of things in and you have find the important things, many will be useless, but if you miss that one important piece evidence, it can make solving the case much harder. The slow pace of the game are counterpointed by those moments when you have a shoot out or a car/foot race and it makes it that much more exciting.

Many, many hours in to the game you find the one major flaw of the game. It’s all the same, sure the investigation should take centre stage, but one after another the case’s keep on coming. Find the body, investigate the scene, interview some people, one of them runs or shoots, charge a suspect, it’s a little boring 20 hours in. Their is a couple of arcs that link the cases together, but the case are normally more or less self contained. It’s a good game and I look forward to completing it and seeing the end of Cole’s Story.

Not done much this weekend. Damn i need to get out more. See you next month.

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