Top 5 Stargate Atlantis episodes

Another top 5, this time it’s Stargate Atlantis turn to get the top 5 treatment.

Before that, if you missed my top 5 SG1 episodes a couple of months ago you can view it here.

At the number 5 is; Rising Pt 1

The City Of Atlantis

First up and in a nice turn of events it, happens to be the first episode of Stargate Atlantis. Rising shows the (re) discovery of the lost the City of Atlantis. If you reading this you most likely know what happened in the episode. This episodes captures what Stargate is really all about; exploring. The crew go on a voyage through the Stargate to another galaxy, knowing full well they probably won’t be able to get home. I know that little situation on lasted a season, but it does not take away from the fact, that these people are willing to risk their life’s at least as they know it to explore. It gives you instant connect to the people, and you see the characters form an instant bond because of it. This episode is followed by a second part and view together it makes a great little self contained movie, that also spring bored in to the start of a great show.

Coming in at number 4 is; Midway

We never did find out who would win, in a fight between the two.

It starts off, Teal’c comes to Atlantis. Guess what the Ronon who is used to being the team mussel does not like some who is equally strong being there. There on the same side so they can’t have a proper a fight but a hell of a long sparing session ensues; with no winner. A wraith attack on earth brings the two together. It’s light hearted episode and a treat for fans of both shows. It’s got lots of action in it, it feels almost like fan fiction of an episode, the situation seems that impossible. Implausibility aside i love this episode, a real popcorn episode that you can watch over and over again.

And now their Friends :)

In at the third spot is; Vegas

Shepard at Crime Scene

The fact that the working title of this one was “CSI Stargate” should tell you everything you need to know about this one. A real departure for Atlantis and for the whole of Stargate. It’s not a parody of CSI just they stole the style of it for an episode. One of the episodes where you put it in an alternate realty so you can do pretty much anything you want. Neil Jackson (who also in an episode of SG1) does a great job as the silent Wraith who is a tad mental. It also is one of the few episode (till SGU came along) that played contempery music, which was great touch to make it feel like a different show .

My second favorite episodes is; Be all My Sins Remember’d


The best episode to feature the Pegasus Replicator, really while there is one more episode to feature the Pegasus Replicators, it is the ending of that main arc. There is a lot of confrontation in this one, you see friends fighting between them self, (we see a little of the civilians vs military; which is so prominent in SGU) and of course the fighting between us and the Replicators. The highlight of the episode however is; the moral dilemma. Fran a replicator that we created, is wiling to destroy herself because it’s her duty. Throughout the episode she shows some signs that she could be have real emotions. They still let her kill her self though :'(.

Now time for my number 1!; The Shrine

David Hewlett stole the show

A Brad Wright episode, basically it’s a Sci-Fi Twist on alzheimer’s. It’s a touchy subject but it is done in lovely and sweet way. Emotion run high, as the team see the smartest man on Atlantis lose his mind. We see a real friendship between Shepard and McKay. That relationship that reminds me O’Neill and Jackson relationship from SG1. David Hewlett is such great actor, and he get’s to show acting chops in this one.
All great episodes, just go watch one of these episode and i’m sure you will become hooked on Stargate.

I’m watching Apprentice at the moment……. just saying.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Stargate Atlantis episodes

  1. GG

    I absolutely agree with THE SHRINE and RISING….but Vegas…that was my least favorite episode in the entire StarGate Atlantis run. Interesting how people see things differently and yet….no so much.


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