Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 15 and 16

I continue the roundup of the last season’s final stint of Stargate universe, with the last two episodes from the previous two weeks.

First up;

Seizure 2-15

Woolsey comes through the gate

You may remember me talking about how excited i was for this episode (, well it did not disappoint. It see the return of some old Stargate alumni in the form of Dr. McKay, and Richard Woolsey. McKay returned in his usual the character role of coming up with a genius solution to a problem, the same is for Woolsey who has his political head on for this episode. Given the large Atlantis presence in the show, you would not be remissed to assume that we would find out even just  little about what happened to Atlantis, after all the city could not just sit in San Fran’s bay after this amount of time. Sadly no tidbits or mentions are involved. At this time the Atlantis movie was still very much on the cards, i assume that is the reason why nothing was revealed. I think there was also a missed opertunity to bring back SG1’s Jonas after much of the episode took place on his home planet……. again i know he was not the most popular character but i felt he could have added even more of that nostalgia factor.

It was nice to see the Stargate take a central role in the episode, nothing new is revealed about the inner working of the gate, but all the drama in the episode unfolded in and around the gate. There was also a good old chevron locked countdown, sadly the gate did not end up being dialed. There was also a near little B-story line involving Rush, and rush having sex. A really good episode, with even a mention of McKay’s deadly citrus allergy.

The Hunt 2-16

I don’t think the stick is sharp enough.

This was a action orientated off world episode and these are usually the best episode, this happened to be the worse episode of the 6 that have been shown so far. It was not bad by any stretch of the imagination, there was some really cool moments, and i thought the ending was very clever and did catch me a little off guard.  The episode never seemed get exciting though, i never felt any real danger, most likely because TJ and that other guy, are not confronted by the creature it self till the very end. I was also a little underwhelmed by the whole alien planet, i’m pretty sure it was a earth like Forrest that had being seen a number of times in the show, but they said they were trying not to use. For the sake of practicability i can understand why it cost much less to use a near by Forrest; than design and build a planet from scratch.

Volker who is fast becoming my favorite charecter had some hardship in the episode. There was also got to see a mischievous Dr Rush well a slightly less Evil Mischievous Rush. It’s a good episode but compared to some of the recent episodes it falls a little short.

The amount of episode is fast becoming less and less, but hopefully the empty feeling inside will be dull somewhat by the Stargate re watch i plan to do once it’s all done.


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