Intelligent design is stupid and the course of mine

A great video on intelligent design.

Ohh and remember that writing course i was on about the other month? Yeah it’s not for me….. i did have some doubts, in being in a small community center being one of my main concerns, turns out there was many reason for me not return to this course. First off it two buses journeys to get there. That would not be  major worry, if it was something i felt would have improved my writing. Again a minor problem was that once i got there i released i was 50 years or more younger than the average, making me feel slightly awkward, especially when i had to defend the sci-fi genre to a selection of people that have never read any. Some more serious problems was it 20 lessons in a 30 lesson course.  The first 4 lessons of this term was in poetry, something i’m not bothered about, while the next 5 were “To be determined” . Now in the one lesson i went in to, well it felt like a year 10 English lesson.

No offense to the teacher or to any of pupils they were all very nice to me, it simply was not for me.

1 thought on “Intelligent design is stupid and the course of mine

  1. business daily

    Overall I had a great experience at the training and learned some valuable tools that I can implement in my own preaching and teaching. However something bothered me each day I was there and as I drove away from the training on that Friday. This was a conference located just outside of a large metropolitan area a metropolitan area that is racially and culturally diverse .


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