Killing Hour by Andrew Gross – A short review

The Killing Hour is by Andrew Gross, Gross is an author that i have never read before but heard of because of work with James Patterson. I do read the odd thriller (Greg Hurwitz, Linwood Barclay being among my favorite’s) but it’s been a while since i’v venture to this genre. This book was a good middle  ground for me, the last two book i read were, the god emperor of mankind and book that take’s all of my little brain power, and the world of Karl Picklington, which took a little less.
If you don’t wan’t to know any of the story then don’t look at the next Paragraph.

It’s the story of a Dr. Jay Handler’s who lives a perfect life. But as in most books, the development happens, his bi polar nephew commits suicide. The Dr goes help out his step brother who is also Bi polar. It look’s a pretty open and shut case. The main problem is clear lack of care shown for his Nephew who was in care. Dr. Handler stays to try and get’s some answer for his family. Things soon take a sinister tone though, information that his nephew was in contact with a police officer who turns up dead; murdered. A 60’s and 70’s cult that had used sex and music to control the followers and were made famous for a number of bloody murdered, are soon linked to his death. Thus the Dr set’s about to solve his nephew death, the police don’t believe him, and only a old ex-alcoholic who had enough of his own horror in his own life, looks a little deeper for the poor (in both senses) of the child.

Unlike lot’s of thrillers that i have read, the emotion felt very real. And i was not surprised to read the afterward and find out a little more about the back story of the writing of the book. It’s a Cliche but this book was a real page turner. It can take me a month to read a book sometime’s granted the more wordy ones. It took me 3 days to read that, which is great for me. The story was enthralling, and it took me all of 20 pages for me to get invested in the book. The style of the book is very a like to James Patterson, short snappy chapter, not all that much description but very good dialogue. It’s a top book, a great read. And since my mum has a few other of Gross’s book laying around, i’m sure i will reading some more of his very soon.

8 out of 10

Other news of note
Leeds beat Crusaders in the challenge cup, though at the cost of three players getting injuries. We also got Harlequin’s at home, which all things considers in pretty good.

PSN is still down…………*sigh* pretty annoying; i should really get to checking my bank account.

I need another job


One thought on “Killing Hour by Andrew Gross – A short review

  1. Diane

    Bit curious of why he is called Dr. Jay Handler on the blurb on the back of the book but in the book he is Dr. Jay Erlich? Also a little unsure of the ending but a very enjoyable read.


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