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Excited much?

Excited much?…… only a little!
Excited much?!/Rickontour/status/75132184834490368 ……. only a little!
Excited much? Just Started reading Fuzzy Nation….. only a little!

So I have yet  to complete L.A Noire, but i’v made some good progress in to the game over the last two weekends. I’m really enjoying it, it’s nice to play a game that does not play at 100 miles an hour. Some games (call of duty, other generic FPS) go at such a pace, that before you know you’re in another environment; the dessert then Hong Kong. Or you have completed the game in two sittings. Whilst the game is propelled forward by the story, or a number of story’s as it is,the thing that makes you keep playing the game is main character. You watch him rise and as he falls. At the start Cole, could not be more upstanding, he was in love with his own humanity, his morality. Through his progression and how he reacts to the story of the game he slowly because a little less moral, taking up with a German girl.

The game plays like an old point and click game, you are given an area with lot’s of things in and you have find the important things, many will be useless, but if you miss that one important piece evidence, it can make solving the case much harder. The slow pace of the game are counterpointed by those moments when you have a shoot out or a car/foot race and it makes it that much more exciting.

Many, many hours in to the game you find the one major flaw of the game. It’s all the same, sure the investigation should take centre stage, but one after another the case’s keep on coming. Find the body, investigate the scene, interview some people, one of them runs or shoots, charge a suspect, it’s a little boring 20 hours in. Their is a couple of arcs that link the cases together, but the case are normally more or less self contained. It’s a good game and I look forward to completing it and seeing the end of Cole’s Story.

Not done much this weekend. Damn i need to get out more. See you next month.

Top 5 Stargate Atlantis episodes

Another top 5, this time it’s Stargate Atlantis turn to get the top 5 treatment.

Before that, if you missed my top 5 SG1 episodes a couple of months ago you can view it here.

At the number 5 is; Rising Pt 1

The City Of Atlantis

First up and in a nice turn of events it, happens to be the first episode of Stargate Atlantis. Rising shows the (re) discovery of the lost the City of Atlantis. If you reading this you most likely know what happened in the episode. This episodes captures what Stargate is really all about; exploring. The crew go on a voyage through the Stargate to another galaxy, knowing full well they probably won’t be able to get home. I know that little situation on lasted a season, but it does not take away from the fact, that these people are willing to risk their life’s at least as they know it to explore. It gives you instant connect to the people, and you see the characters form an instant bond because of it. This episode is followed by a second part and view together it makes a great little self contained movie, that also spring bored in to the start of a great show.

Coming in at number 4 is; Midway

We never did find out who would win, in a fight between the two.

It starts off, Teal’c comes to Atlantis. Guess what the Ronon who is used to being the team mussel does not like some who is equally strong being there. There on the same side so they can’t have a proper a fight but a hell of a long sparing session ensues; with no winner. A wraith attack on earth brings the two together. It’s light hearted episode and a treat for fans of both shows. It’s got lots of action in it, it feels almost like fan fiction of an episode, the situation seems that impossible. Implausibility aside i love this episode, a real popcorn episode that you can watch over and over again.

And now their Friends :)

In at the third spot is; Vegas

Shepard at Crime Scene

The fact that the working title of this one was “CSI Stargate” should tell you everything you need to know about this one. A real departure for Atlantis and for the whole of Stargate. It’s not a parody of CSI just they stole the style of it for an episode. One of the episodes where you put it in an alternate realty so you can do pretty much anything you want. Neil Jackson (who also in an episode of SG1) does a great job as the silent Wraith who is a tad mental. It also is one of the few episode (till SGU came along) that played contempery music, which was great touch to make it feel like a different show .

My second favorite episodes is; Be all My Sins Remember’d


The best episode to feature the Pegasus Replicator, really while there is one more episode to feature the Pegasus Replicators, it is the ending of that main arc. There is a lot of confrontation in this one, you see friends fighting between them self, (we see a little of the civilians vs military; which is so prominent in SGU) and of course the fighting between us and the Replicators. The highlight of the episode however is; the moral dilemma. Fran a replicator that we created, is wiling to destroy herself because it’s her duty. Throughout the episode she shows some signs that she could be have real emotions. They still let her kill her self though :'(.

Now time for my number 1!; The Shrine

David Hewlett stole the show

A Brad Wright episode, basically it’s a Sci-Fi Twist on alzheimer’s. It’s a touchy subject but it is done in lovely and sweet way. Emotion run high, as the team see the smartest man on Atlantis lose his mind. We see a real friendship between Shepard and McKay. That relationship that reminds me O’Neill and Jackson relationship from SG1. David Hewlett is such great actor, and he get’s to show acting chops in this one.
All great episodes, just go watch one of these episode and i’m sure you will become hooked on Stargate.

I’m watching Apprentice at the moment……. just saying.

Weekend update

Basically an all Other news of note but this time just;

News of Note 

Being playing some LA Norie, great game, once i have completed it i will go in to more detail.

Ordered two new books online, first the Metal Gear Solid omnibus which is every issue of the metal gear solid comic; based on the 1 and 2 games. Also ordered the new John Scalzi book: Fuzzy Nation. You may know know he is my favorite author, so i’m very excited to read it.

Leeds Rhinos are in the quarter final of the cup, that 6 wins on the bounce, it feels a while since that bad lost against Huddersfield.

Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 15 and 16

I continue the roundup of the last season’s final stint of Stargate universe, with the last two episodes from the previous two weeks.

First up;

Seizure 2-15

Woolsey comes through the gate

You may remember me talking about how excited i was for this episode (, well it did not disappoint. It see the return of some old Stargate alumni in the form of Dr. McKay, and Richard Woolsey. McKay returned in his usual the character role of coming up with a genius solution to a problem, the same is for Woolsey who has his political head on for this episode. Given the large Atlantis presence in the show, you would not be remissed to assume that we would find out even just  little about what happened to Atlantis, after all the city could not just sit in San Fran’s bay after this amount of time. Sadly no tidbits or mentions are involved. At this time the Atlantis movie was still very much on the cards, i assume that is the reason why nothing was revealed. I think there was also a missed opertunity to bring back SG1’s Jonas after much of the episode took place on his home planet……. again i know he was not the most popular character but i felt he could have added even more of that nostalgia factor.

It was nice to see the Stargate take a central role in the episode, nothing new is revealed about the inner working of the gate, but all the drama in the episode unfolded in and around the gate. There was also a good old chevron locked countdown, sadly the gate did not end up being dialed. There was also a near little B-story line involving Rush, and rush having sex. A really good episode, with even a mention of McKay’s deadly citrus allergy.

The Hunt 2-16

I don’t think the stick is sharp enough.

This was a action orientated off world episode and these are usually the best episode, this happened to be the worse episode of the 6 that have been shown so far. It was not bad by any stretch of the imagination, there was some really cool moments, and i thought the ending was very clever and did catch me a little off guard.  The episode never seemed get exciting though, i never felt any real danger, most likely because TJ and that other guy, are not confronted by the creature it self till the very end. I was also a little underwhelmed by the whole alien planet, i’m pretty sure it was a earth like Forrest that had being seen a number of times in the show, but they said they were trying not to use. For the sake of practicability i can understand why it cost much less to use a near by Forrest; than design and build a planet from scratch.

Volker who is fast becoming my favorite charecter had some hardship in the episode. There was also got to see a mischievous Dr Rush well a slightly less Evil Mischievous Rush. It’s a good episode but compared to some of the recent episodes it falls a little short.

The amount of episode is fast becoming less and less, but hopefully the empty feeling inside will be dull somewhat by the Stargate re watch i plan to do once it’s all done.

Shows that ended to soon

John is contemplating what could have been for these series

A obvious choice, this would be in most peoples list of shows that was canceled way to early, which does beg the question “why was in canceled?”. I’m not sure, but i do know it was entertaining  show with an excellent plot and characters, unlike some show in the list though it did get a chance to finish the story in movie form.

Stargate Universe
I’v talked about this loads in the past and you know i pissed it’s ending.
So i’l let gateworld talk for me

Gateworld gives a well thought out peace on mistakes they felt were made by Syfy that directly effected the Stargate universe cancellation
Syfy responded with this

All is well and good until one of the stargate universe producers pointed out some flaws in Syfy’s argument

I’m non the wiser, all i know is a good show was canceled.

Lie to me
At least this show did get three season, but the show was built on Tim Roth, i still think it has more to offer than just the paltry 48 episodes it was given. I don’t feel their will be any be gaping plot lines left dangled when this one finishes.

The Chicago Code
Going to be honest and say i have only seen one episode of this show (it’s only just aired in the UK) but it was amazing so after watching i thought i’d research the show a little more. Only to learn that Fox had canceled it after 13 episodes, this is when also learned of Lie to me cancellation.

Boy was i pissed when this finished, massive cliffhanger and we were non the wiser on the whole situation.

John From Cincinnati

Still not met anyone who watched this show, but it was about…… well i think it was about the second coming of Jesus. Through the episode that aired it was basically hinted that he could be anything, John was a little bit mentally disturbed. It was a very intriguing show, i just wised that the series creator would come out and say who he was.

Still has the best opeing of any show, that’s including true blood.

The Class
The Class did not too well but three of the main actors did fine out of it, one is in walking dead, another in modern family, and one is in the event; the rest probably not so good. It was a funny show that used to air just before i went to class (talk about irony(is that irony? i’m never to sure).

My thoughts on the networks

The networks seem to think that their doing us a favor giving us programing, there not, when there is so much choice now a days; we are doing them a favor. When you have a show that still has at least million of viewer; just in one country, i feel that they have a duty to allow the show to have a proper ending. They should Give the show enough notification to finish the story or give it a mini series to end it. Otherwise all the hours people spent watching your show, are all for naught. Networks are on a path of ending shows way before they should, with only a select few show getting a good run, and they normally get milked to death. People already watch on the internet, and more people will start doing that if they if they are not allowed to get invested in a show.

Intelligent design is stupid and the course of mine

A great video on intelligent design.

Ohh and remember that writing course i was on about the other month? Yeah it’s not for me….. i did have some doubts, in being in a small community center being one of my main concerns, turns out there was many reason for me not return to this course. First off it two buses journeys to get there. That would not be  major worry, if it was something i felt would have improved my writing. Again a minor problem was that once i got there i released i was 50 years or more younger than the average, making me feel slightly awkward, especially when i had to defend the sci-fi genre to a selection of people that have never read any. Some more serious problems was it 20 lessons in a 30 lesson course.  The first 4 lessons of this term was in poetry, something i’m not bothered about, while the next 5 were “To be determined” . Now in the one lesson i went in to, well it felt like a year 10 English lesson.

No offense to the teacher or to any of pupils they were all very nice to me, it simply was not for me.