Top 5 Holidays or just places

The end of a long month and you know what that means,  another long drawn out post on somethings that i like. Werther you call it a holiday or a vacation, it’s always nice to get out of the “norm” and do or go something/place that little but different. I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places. It’s just a quick post as forgot all about doing a top 5 this month, and it’s obviously the last chance to get it in, and can’t be all that bothered.

5) Vancouver (2010)

The Capilano suspension bridge

Not loads and loads to do hear but it really is a beautiful city, as a added bonus we were staying at the same flats as some of stargate universe actors!

4) Yosemite (2006)

The half dome

A place i’d love to go see again, with a little more positive attitude towards the place. The whole place is very epic, but not good for my sensitive nose.

3) New York (1998, 2009)

A night skyline

It’s New York, you can’t be bored there.

2) Anaheim (1998, 2001,2003,2006,2010)

The new sun wheel

I can’t be 100% about all of these years, just know we have been 5 times. I do love Disney, enough said.

1) China (2008)

The great wall

I think the fact i went with my school rather than my family, really made it special. I had such a good time and did thing’s i might never get to do again.

What a leeds win last night, we may be back to out best. Danny McGuire nuff said……………………………..


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