What shows i’m watching at the moment

Because why wouldn’t you want to know.


On the 7th season

Normally if i had missed the first four season of a show, i would just leave it be. But once House moved on to sky, i thought i’d give it a try. I’m glad i did, some may say it’s too formulaic but Hugh Laurie makes it worth the obvious plot lines, every week. Just a good show.


Now on it's 3rd season

Bored to death

Another predicable show but with great characters. Like x-files in many, many ways which would be bad if i had not like x-files so much.

Just starting out

I’v only watch two episodes of the first season, but so far it’s a great little show, which i would have most likely missed my radar entirely, if one of the stargate producer and writers was not working on this show.

Boardwalk empire

Another first season show

I’m still not sure about this show. It’s style is amazing and the effort and detail they have gone too make it look like 1920’s America……. well it’s staggering. The acting form the lead is so-so, but a lot of the other people on the show are great. Sometimes it get’s a little complected, with too many story’s at one time. Willing to give this show to the end of the season at least.


Season 4

Probably one of my favorite show on TV, really funny, good action and great acting.
The Event

The first season

A little bit out there and very clichéd. Though it is good TV, and i’m very interested to learn more about the Aliens.

True Blood

Season 333333............blood

Family guy may have said it’s only for “rich gay guys” but i’m neither Gay or rich and i love this show. Season 3 has just finished but i have one more episode to watch, i can’t wait to see it.

That’s it for show i’m currently watching, but in the next week or two,  2 more show are starting.

Stargate Universe

Second season

Just see my last post https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/6-days-from-now/

Game of Thrones

Looks fucking amazing

How good does this show look? (that is rhetorical). Not only does it look fucking amazing, but is stars Sean Bean. Just slightly worried i have hyped it up, in my own mind to much.

So do you recommend any other show?


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