6 days from now…….

A bittersweet moment will happen, the slightly delayed returned of Stargate Universe. Bitter as it is the last 10 episodes of the season and the show, and a good chance that last Stargate we will see for a long time. Sweat because is fricking Stargate; best show in the land.

Take a quick look at the short trailer for the 2.5 season.

Not only can’t i wait to find out how they get out of the little pickle that they found them self in at the end of the first half of the season. I’m also massively looking forward to the return of my favorite character from Stargate Atlantis Dr McKay, in the episode “seizure”. A episode that according to folks on http://www.gateworld.net/ is one of best of the entire show.

You can catch the return of Stargate Universe next Monday (11th) at 8:00 (A time i feel is a little to early for a show like Stargate universe) on sky1 and sky1 HD.

The return of Dr Rodney McKay

I’m going to have a nice long post soon(ish) on what my thought’s on what the future of Stargate franchise is. Not sure when it will be son don’t lose to much sleep getting excited about it.

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