Window watchers – A quick look at how human and myself (who i class above humans) react to a bad situation, such as a fight outside of your house, when you think that someone head will get kicked in because there drunk……… Oh and how it’s a good reminder and some such things……….

Unless you ignored the uncomfortably long title, which i’m sure many of you did, it’s pretty simple what happened last night. After staying up especially late on this Friday night, (after a few nights off of work i got the energy to stay up till 2 again) to watch a number of TV shows that i needed to catch up on………..

Anyway i go to let my dog out so he can go wee wee, and i hear some shouting. Nothing that unusual about that from my days on the dole, it was a regular thing to stay up late and hear the drunken louts out and about…………

I lay in my (whose else (god i’m lonely)) bed after a failed attempt at reading Dune, and i hear (i heard a lot during this night) some more commotion; this time coming from outside my house. So like the little nosey git i am, i look out my blinds and of course (see title) see two men ( i struggle to call them that) fighting.  A fat one and a thiner one; and there one that looked less than pleased to be there……..

It started out fine just a normal fight which, i was content at just watching by peering through my metal blinds at them. I am sure if they saw me i’d look like a little scared child, but i can assure you it was more curiosity. Though then one of them was on the floor (Surprise surprise he was the one who hit the ground first) the thinner one (the thugier one) kept kicking. The one in the middle tried to stop it, to his credit. I still sat there arms and wrist starting to ache. It then moved a little more serious when Mr Thug picked up, from my vantage point what looked to be a brick from the broken wall they fought next to. Again to his credit middle man pushed Thug man away from fat man. The fatty still tried to fight, back doing little damage, he looked to me like he was just getting the thug a little more angry…….

I thought about getting involved but only for a second, i would have ended up getting myself killed. No i stayed watching what easily could have become a murder, makes you think about your self in different light when you figure out your a window watcher, like most of the rest of the world. Luckily my elderly next door neighborer stepped in and shouted out of their window that they would call the police……..

They skulked away fatty holding his back and his head. I laid back down my wrist uncomfortable from how i rested on it when spying out of my window. On my bed it was quite until i heard the fighting start back up again, i assume just a little further on down the street……

I don’t know what happened, no police on the street this morning so hopefully nothing too serious occurred, of course it could have “gone down” some where else, i haven’t watched the local news today ( maybe i should)…….

I go out and get drunk and have a good time, a lot or not a lot, it matters who you compare me too. Not once have i been involved in a fight. It could be my round chubby face maybe it does not give that violent urge to people. Did not work for fatty though. Maybe it’s that i very rarely show my anger, i unlike some will walk away rather than get in to a fight. Maybe it’s because i disarm what few violent situation i’m in with humor, rather than a alpha male attitude. I’m not sure but tonight was a good reminder of what dicks are out there, the kinda of people that don’t stop hitting you when you are down, let me tell you i know i’d be the one on the floor rather than the one kicking, not rather just that would be me…..

It also gave me a slight insight in to my self. I’v always thought if need be i would get involved if someone life was at stake; apparently not. I’m sure it did not help that i was in my PJ’s a short and t-shirt combo, the t-shirt with a childish pattern on it. That could have either disarmed the situation or got me a punch in the gut (or worse).

Well that how i spent last night, sorry it was not more seedy.

This is what my life is like now


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