Song of the Month – April (real)

Sorry about that last post, but now it is past noon and so here is my real song of the month.

In honor of me starting the fourth dune novel; The god emperor of dune. Here is the main theme to the dune film, it’s the best part of the film may i add.

Other news of note

So it was my Birthday on Wednesday, so we went for a nice meal at what seems like the local place that we eat at now. I say local, i mean 4 times in 12 months……..but we don’t go out for meal much. 19 now i feel so old ;). Any-who i got Killzone 3 (Which i have already completed) , The American Office season 5, Keane live on Blu-ray (will have to make do with that until, i get to see them live in real life) the fourth dune novel, some other bits and bobs, and some money; all in all pretty good………….

Also got round to ordering my ticket for the Friday at leeds festival.

Right i’m going to……..

.... watch some Keane on blu-ray and try to imagine i'm there


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