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Top 5 Holidays or just places

The end of a long month and you know what that means,  another long drawn out post on somethings that i like. Werther you call it a holiday or a vacation, it’s always nice to get out of the “norm” and do or go something/place that little but different. I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places. It’s just a quick post as forgot all about doing a top 5 this month, and it’s obviously the last chance to get it in, and can’t be all that bothered.

5) Vancouver (2010)

The Capilano suspension bridge

Not loads and loads to do hear but it really is a beautiful city, as a added bonus we were staying at the same flats as some of stargate universe actors!

4) Yosemite (2006)

The half dome

A place i’d love to go see again, with a little more positive attitude towards the place. The whole place is very epic, but not good for my sensitive nose.

3) New York (1998, 2009)

A night skyline

It’s New York, you can’t be bored there.

2) Anaheim (1998, 2001,2003,2006,2010)

The new sun wheel

I can’t be 100% about all of these years, just know we have been 5 times. I do love Disney, enough said.

1) China (2008)

The great wall

I think the fact i went with my school rather than my family, really made it special. I had such a good time and did thing’s i might never get to do again.

What a leeds win last night, we may be back to out best. Danny McGuire nuff said……………………………..

Canine Oral Melanoma and a Rostral Lateral Maxillectomy

There is a spoiler in the title as to what it is.

Something a little more serious now. You may or may not remember me talking about the oral cancer my dog Buster got. I want to talk a little more about that and the treatment of that cancer. There is so little on the internet about the “Canine Oral Melanoma” only a few story’s of other dogs. I thought it would be right to go through mine and more importantly my dogs experience of it. Cancer is awful but this treatment in it self is not something that is nice, or that can easily done. The “Rostral Lateral Maxillectomy” (what a mouthful) is a very invasive surgery, which is basically taking a big chunk of a jaw out.
But i should really start at the beginning, that always the best place to start.

Like all dog’s my dog buster likes to relax ( he likes to lay on his back. One night while i was laid on the sofa, buster (a 12 year labrador cross) seeing me on the sofa came to lie on his back at foot of the sofa, i assume so that i could stroke him. It was in this position that i saw something red in his my mouth, no it was not his gum’s, it was a much more bloody red. After closer inspection me and my mum could see it was a large lump, it was on the top right side of his mouth. I was shock that no one in my family has seen it before. Like you do with anything you love, you think the worse. After a bit of research that night we found that it could either be, a cancers lump, or a non cancers lump. A visit to the vets was then arranged for the next day, where the vet told it could either be, a cancers lump or a non cancers lump. Whatever the case was, it needed to be taken out. Buster was booked it for surgery the following week, where he would have half of it removed, which then would then examine to find out what it was.

There is a spoiler in the title as to what it is.

One week later he had his operation, a simple affair. It made him groggy but he was fine the next day. We then had just to wait for the results. I believe a week and a half later my mother got a call from the vet’s. Not only was it bad news but it was very bad news. It was a cancer but it was also a melanoma cancer, which as you may or not know is one of the worse cancers he could get. It was fast spreading so if it had not already spread past his mouth, in to his body, it soon would. That was also the reason why we had not spotted the lump before, it had likely not been there for very long. It was not the best prognosis (understatement), but there was a chance that with the “Rostral Lateral Maxillectomy” (I will now call it getting his jaw removed) they may get the cancer out before it spreads. Any dog lover know that you want to give your best friend, a family member even, the best chance to live; so we did it. The vet explained that they would remove a portion of his top jaw, where the lump was.
We needed to get it done as soon as possible to make give as little time as possible for the cancer to spread. A couple of day’s later he was to have it.

I was so worried for him, it is very hard to send someone to such an invasive surgery, it does not help that you can’t explain the situation to him. Feeling like somehow he would hold me responsible and not be my friend any more, but dog are so forgiving. However we had two choices, one: of him dieing within weeks, or giving him a chance to live longer; it was not that hard.

So in he went for his trip to the vets, at this point buster was sick of the sight of the place. And so we sent him off on his own, and gave him to the man who took in to the back and we walked away. He was to be in for two days and one night. On the night of the surgery, the vet called. He said that Buster in himself was OK, he has lost quite a lot of blood. We were also told that in an effort to try and make sure that they get all the cancer out that instead of just a chunk, it would be his whole right top side of his Jaw. That in it self was quite disturbing, i was now scared over how he would look, as well the cancer. That was of a lesser concern to the cancer, but i couldn’t help think of my cute dog and how much he would change.

To help show the change, this is a photo of my dog before the operation.

Another of me and Buster :)

I look a little fat in that last photo. It’s the angle, honest. But back to the whole thing. The next day we went out to collect buster, at first we was called in to the vet. He explained that it would be a shock to see him, his face would be all bloody and shaved, it would not be nice to see. He then said they would be sending the edges of the jaw that they took out, pickle them, and then scan to see if the cancer was at the edges yet. If it was, it would mean that it would have spread past where they cut, if not then maybe they got it all out. He also explained that most of the time with this type of cancer, it will come back in another location; that could be a year though.
He then brought out Buster. It was a big shock, his face looked very different, he looked like he has been in an awful fight. He has a “Buster” collar on, not named after him just the name of those big plastic buckets. He would have to ware this for a week, maybe a little more.

Once we got him home, he was zonked, so tired from the ordeal and the anesthetic. He had to be given water by hand that first day, but after that he managed to drink water out of his bowl, with only the trouble caused by the buster collar. Food wise we had to change his diet but only for a couple of weeks. Instead of his normal diet of a combination of wet food and hard food we just changed to soft meat, those pedigree pouch thing’s. After that him managed fine with his normal diet, he soon adjusted to eating on one side of his mouth.

Not long after we got to remove the buster collar off buster, we got another call from the vet with the results of the pickle test. Good news, no cancer on the edges of the removed jaw. This didn’t mean he would not get cancer again, far from it. It Just meant instead of weeks to live, he had months and hopefully a year or more!!

Now over a month later from the operation, we are having no problems. He drinks and eats fine and is as active as ever. Once the initial shock of his look was out of the way, we soon got used to that. Also once the blood got cleared away, some hair grew back and his mouth heal some more, he looked much better.

A difference, but still cute.

So now we wait. We love our dog as much as before, give him lot’s of attention and make his life as full as possible (ours too, cancer happens to people as well!). And hope when/if we hear he has cancer again it’s not for a good long while. 1 month and counting.
I will of course update this blog if any new complication happen or anything

I hope no dog or any pet owner has to go through this, but i also hope that if they do, that this helped them understand it a little better. Every case will of course be different and i’m only going through my experience and what the vet has told us. If anyone has any question’s don’t hesitate to ask me here and i will answer as soon as possible.

UPDATE: 16/01/2012

I probably should have done the update sooner, but I always find it hard writing anything personal… anyway, the cancer came back. The cancer has repapered (like the vet thought it probably would) above the place where he had part of his jaw taken out. The first sign was a tiny lump, which soon grew. After taken him to the vets (in October, about 6 months after the operation) the only options for us that would not have hampered his life quality further, would be chemotherapy drug Leukeran. But the even the optimistic predictions from the vet would mean, my lovely dog would not be here now. Yet, like the fighter he is, Buster lives still. He still enjoys food, walks, and has a good quality of life. Last week, he went out in the countryside and chased ducks like a dog 10 years younger. But still the time is nearing when his quality of life will fall below, that level, which means we couldn’t allow him any more suffering.
I’d just like to say even though the cancer did come back, I would not change giving my dog the invasive operation back at the end of march. We still have nearly got a year of extra life from him,  and I think that is more than worth it.

I shall leave you with a photo of Buster, before his operation, two Christmas’s ago :D

UPDATE: 26.02.2012
On this Day sadly buster had passed away, but if anyone still has question about the operation and after effects don’t hesitate to ask,

A scorching week with ass sweat and my many faults

“It’s bloody boiling”, “I sweated like an epileptic pig being spit roasted on the walk home.” and the “the heat has given me a rash in my ass crack” a selection of thing’s i have said due to the weather. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? my answer changes in whatever climatic i happen to be in. In the cold, my feet turn in to ice cubes, in the heat, my shit turns to liquid thus diarrhea, sure diarrhea sound worse, but my feet do get bloody cold. Today has beeeeeen lovely, we enjoyed a BBQ (i ate lot’s of meat this good Friday) but my body that has does me so many favors in the past for me, decided it would not only sweat from the usual places (armpits, face and arms) but my ass crack…… I already regret this blog.
It’s not all ass crack sweat and liquid poop. I like to burn to, not tan just burn. I’m sure i have the ginger gene’s; just the bad ones, i don’t get their great hair. My body can’t cope. If i was alive 100 years ago, i would not be alive for any reasonable amount of time, after leaving the relative safety of the womb. I am certainly not the most athletic, i’d have no chance of surviving a war or something worse, my days spent playing FPS game’s just would not be good enough. I get a runny nose at the slightest moment, i can be plagued with eczema (not stylish in the early 1900’s or now in fact). It’s not just that i’d die pretty quick, but mother nature has done a smart thing to stop me from spreading my weak gene’s by making me completely repulsive to women. Men seem to love me!
Very clever of her (she deserves the credit it is earth day after all).
No….. enough of this. The only reason i make fun of my self, is so other don’t. You can’t go “hey you, you have a big nose and small hand’s” when i just mention it a moment ago, your not gonna think anyone cares if they joke about it. Guess i am so self conscious, i would rather make fun of my own flaws than have on the small off chance someone mention it.

This is my mind in a nutshell. I start of talking about ass cracks and i go off on a tangent about how i would not survive a 100 years ago, what the fuck is that about? Then about being self concision, what kinda of a guy put’s that on a blog. I will tell you what kinda of a guy does that, a fucking horny one; with nothing better to do. Did i just say i was horny on a place that can be seen by anyone? Shit i could delete it, but there is no fun in that.
I need this 4 day weekend, think i’m going slightly mental, best just play some portal 2 cool down, been in the hear all day. My ass is still sweaty……………… one good thing has come from this strange post, i have learned that before i write a blog in this heat i should get a cold shower.

Other news of note

Like said in that crazy post, i have got portal 2 and it’s great so far, same creepiness and cool puzzles like the first one; now with Stephen Merchant.

When shopping and bought, a wallet, some new (not old ones) sunglasses and some jeans. WOW! why my blog does not have more views is a mystery to me. I only say the most interesting thing.

I promise my next post will be much serious and make more sense………. at least i will try.

My thought on Stargate and it’s future

Is the gate closed for good?

With the recent news that there will be no Stargate movies of any of the series’s ( linky ), i thought that there is no better of a time to talk about the franchise that has effected my life in such a huge way. In 8 episode’s time it will be the 354th episode of the Stargate franchise but not only that it will be the last ever episode Stargate universe and very likely the last ever episode (at least for a hell of a long time).

Stargate has been a huge part of my life. From a very young age Stargate has been there in my life. My mother favorite movie happened to be the original Stargate movie, she loved it, and i must have seen it 4 or 5 times before i even reached 6. Neither of us knew that in 1997 Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner decided to make the movie, in a genius move in to a TV series. The TV show which was only being shown on SKy1, and at 7 or 8 we did not have cabal or sky to watch the show not that i didn’t know existed. My neighbors did have sky and i was good friends with their grandkids, who just so happen to like this show called “Stargate SG1”. Maybe it’s a fake memory that i have created but i remember watching my first episode of Stargate it was a season 2 episode called “Need” other the next few months and must have watched the show at least every week other there.
Then we got cable, it was amazing, every day a episode was being shown. I watched it all the time it was my first real show that i watched religiously (other than Pokemon). I watched them out of order but slowly i figured out the story and found it was much more than an adventure of the week show. It was funny had action, aliens that i was not scared of and great story’s, with one of the best mythology of any show. I watched new episodes and once i got my tiny TV with an inbuilt DVD player i bought them on DVD. It was my favorite show, but it was more than that; i loved it. Every year since i have been watching i have at least 20 episode’s some time’s 40 episode’s to look forward to. I loved nothing better than on day of a new episode, to turn off the light’s off, move the sofa closer to the TV and maybe even get some popcorn and watch the new adventure.

Now however with no movies on the horizon and other than some Stargate books, there is nothing planned. Brad Wright had left the franchise. Brad Wright the creator of all three shows and the person who has come up with some of the best episode of the franchise, yesterday new episode Twin Destines is a perfect example that. He has got a lot stick recently from so called fans but i for one want to thank him for creating the best franchise in TV history. I have no doubt that he fought tooth and nail to get all the movies made. Wright said “the franchise is now in the hands of MGM” and given the recent history of MGM that not entirely comforting.
I am of the opinion that the Stargate is to big to die. Sure it looks bad it maybe 20 years before we get new Stargate, and that really frustrates me. You know what the real sad fact of this is though, not that it will be a long time before we get new Stargate, but because it won’t our Stargate. Those character who i grew up watching won’t be there, who know who’s hands will be at the helm of this “new Stargate”. It certinely won’t be Brad Wrights Stargate and that’s the show i love. JJ Abrams recently rebooted the Startrek franchise and i liked it but i was never a huge fan of the original TV show, i may have felt differently seeing another take on a show i loved.

I don’t know what is in store for Stargate in the future, i sure hope that whoever takes on the task of rebooting this great franchise, does it with the care and attention it really does deserve.

I love the recent twitter hash tag that David Hewlett recently used #stargatewontdie. It won’t die because i have 14 years with 17 season and two movies to look back on with happy memories. I still have the DVDs and they will getting a lot of use….. and hey i still have 8 new episode still to watch.

Stargate is dead, long live stargate.

I was going to post on my thoughts that it is the fans fault why Stargate was canceled, but i still visit Gateworld from time to time and i don’t want the hassle that comes with that.


A quick post (it seems my regular saying now a days)

Got on a writing course. Which has kindly been paid for by the company i work for and it’s during the hours of my work. Looking forward learning a bit more skill in my favorite field. But it’s at a small community center so a little iffy on what i will learn, however i’m more than willing to give it ago.

Got nothing to lose: have i?

Also got the new Foo Fighters album, wasting light. Nearly everything they do is pretty awesome, this is no exception.
Felling very MEH and stressed, at the moment. Got a few night’s out planed which will make a change, and it will be nice to get drunk, very very drunk.