Good week, bad week, very bad week

Swings and roundabouts, it’s the story of everybody life. This week has been a perfect example of that. Some good news, some bad news and then some very bad news.

I always start with the good news, so let’s start with that shall we;

Leeds rhinos won, always a good thing. After two poor games against the Quins and the Wolves. The Rhinos came back in style with a 46-12 win over Salford.

A opportunity may have presented it self, let’s say I may be on the radio soon. On a crap non paid role……….. but still.

Yesterday I went to see the punk or kinda punk band the stranglers (been going since the 70’s). They were very good, other than the fact that two of the original members looked close to death. Also many older punks were acting like dicks but that is to be expected at any gig.

So now on to the bad news.

The Japan earthquake and tsunami, awful! And still with an ongoing threat with the nuclear power plant, i’m sure Japan needs some strong support from around the world.  It’s a place I have always wanted to visit and still do it’s very sad to see it happening. Nature is giving us constant reminders just how powerful she is. It’s just scary how some people still don’t respect her. It may be that I read to many apocalyptic books, but i just feel that we can’t carry on the path we are on for much longer, before we are forced to change and fast. Something that will cost many life’s along the way.

But all this has pale in comparison to some news that I got this week.
My best friend, who is amazing and beautiful. My dog Buster has sadly being diagnosed with cancer, now next Wednesday he has to have an invasive operation; which involve removing part of his jaw. The vet say’s it will still likely spread though. Maybe not but “likely”. I love my dog, he is only 12, I feel it’s too young for him to have gotten cancer. It may sound stupid, I know you can get it at any time but it’s what I thought. I’m holding out hope. I love him so much.

Some may criticize me for putting such a personal thing above the life’s of so many humans, but i’m sure many people with pet’s that they love like a family member would feel the same.

I will end tonight’s blog with a few photos of my cute little dog.


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