How you found my blog!

Over the last half a year there have been a few search terms that made me raise an eye brow (or two).

Lets have a look at some of these search terms that found my blog shall we.

Some such as
“The forever war” are quite easy to understand how it found my blog. A large 86 people found my blog this way.
Many go in the vain of this, lot of my top 5 will generate a lot search hits.

Some may be a little more strange though; such as
“eddie murphy i can smell it” very strange; two people search that nice little term.
Or maybe
“testimony of rocker who got made a deal with satan digging his hands in the dirt for a career in music then got saved”
which also had two views.

Another which had me slightly worried was the “chinese teanager groups” okay I could say how that might look a little paedophile like, but I won’t and just say thanks to whoever viewed my blog.
“biffy trousers” is another strange one.

And i think all us lads can agree on this one guys “girlfriend cries gets upset 6 months”  damn them they take a-hell of a long time to get over things.

“gay sting”  or “Sting Gay” are other search term i can understand after this photo i posted a little while back.

Such a Gay film

“dad’s” + “leave a comment” this one makes does not really make much sense. “evil gas mask man” is a good one.

What about “here come i my name is joell thers no knowledge but i know it” clearly not true at all and bad spelling to boot.

There is a few other strange ones. But they are some which are down right crazy. Which makes me question the content I put on this blog if people search for these term and it finds me.
“mature lesbo fistin” Wow just wow!

That is not it though this next term has found me 5 times and i’m sure that will be increased as i have posted it on here.
“bondage gay pissing” lovely just lovely.

I will leave you with this little gem
“why does my butt sweat when i get horny”

Other news of note

Tomorrow i go to see one of my new favourites bands, Hurts. I can’t wait!
Then the day after that I start my new Job it’s make me feel and think, nervous, excited and that  I want money.

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