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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all my family, friends and  blog readers. I hope that everybody gets everything they wanted, eats lots and gets very very drunk. My Christmas will involve watching some crap TV (other than Dr WHO), eating some nice food and drinking some alcohol (the only time I do this at home).
This is also the first year that i will be a having Christmas with my sister not here. I’m sure she will not be as bothered as us as she will be on a tropical island in Thailand, I think she will be a-OK. We will have a phone call off her though.
It is at this time of year that many puns come to mind such as;

“Lets kick some ICE”
“Ice to see you”
“Everybody chill”
“If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday finest. It’s time to feast!”
“No matter what anyone tells you, Bane, it really is the size of your gun that counts.”

OK that last one might have given me away, these are all of course classic lines form the film batman and robin.

Have a great Christmas. And watch out tomorrow as I will put  a new short story up, very different to anything I have ever written.

Top 5 – KEANE songs

I love Keane they are my favourite band at the “moment” so I thought I would do this months top 5 on them. This list is for you Keane, your music keeps my mind ticking over while a read or write.
It’s only a quick top 5 no need for me to talk about the songs since I have linked them on to the page.

5. Crystal Ball

I just love the video for this. Got the guy from avatar in it.

4. My shadow

Not a fan of this video. But its a great song best song on the Night Train EP.

3. Snowed under

This song makes me happy

2. The lovers are losing

This song is the second most played on my i pod, nuff said.

1.  Bedshaped

I want this song at my funeral. Just so ya know.

Give em a listen!

Might have a new short story up soon. It’s all done but i’m looking at other places that i could possibly put it other than my blog. Like selling it ;)

Lots of my friends are back from uni so a big night of drinking tomorrow.

SGU no more

Sadly the news has just come through, that the wrestling channel syfy has decided to cancel stargate universe! Now this as annoying as it is, being cancelled before it’s time but what is really sad is that this maybe the end of stargate franchise for a while at least for now. We now need to as fans fight for the movies tooth and nail.
The universe is dead
Long live Stargate.

I wish………….

I wish I was a successful writer
I wish I could speak Japanese
I wish my kisses were more memorable
I wish I was a published writer
I wish I had more confidence with girls
I wish I had more money
I wish I could find a job
I wish my dog could live for ever
I wish that my blogs had more views
I wish I had a “real” best friend
I wish I had more confidence with my work
I wish Leeds Rhinos win the challenge cup next year
I wish there was no x-factor
I wish I could control what i thought better
I wish that I had a larger room
I wish I was a better writer
I wish I had a girlfriend
I wish the so called “little things” did not bother me as much
I wish I did not have such dark thoughts some times
I wish I had more twitter followers
I wish I could decide if I want to go to university or not
I wish I could see Keane live
I wish I had better teeth
I wish people would comment on my blog more
I wish stargate universe gets a 3rd season
I wish stargate universe gets a 4th and 5th season
I wish I had a larger IQ
I wish I could find someone who likes me as much as I like them
I wish I had a faster internet connection
I wish I believed in Santa clause
I wish I knew Richard Dean Anderson in real life
I wish Kevin Sinfield breaks the points scoring record for Leeds Rhinos before he retires
I wish I could find a Job that I like
I wish I could direct/write a film
I wish people were not such dicks
I wish people would tell the truth
I wish I was never sick
I wish that I knew what is after death
I wish I believed in god
I wish that Rugby league was a bigger sport than football
I wish that there was about 90% less people in the world
I wish that we did not have to use fossil fuels
I wish I could travel to space
I wish I knew Greek mythology better
I wish I could have another trip to china, with those same people
I wish I was less emotional
I wish that people did not think I was gay/bi
I wish I could see the killers live
I wish I could play an instrument
I wish I could have seen Queen play live
I wish I spent more time writing my book than this blog
I wish I had a bigger TV
I wish there was not so many nobs at leeds festival
I wish I could play rugby league (well)
I wish my head did not hurt
I wish I was not as fat (i’m not fat just could do with a bit trimmed off the side)
I wish a Leeds rhinos player would win Man of steal
I wish I had more friends
I wish I could go on holiday
I wish U did not have to sleep as much
I wish they would make the 3rd SG1 movie
I wish they would make the Atlantis movie
I wish I could read faster
I wish there was no poverty
I wish could meet aliens
I wish that people would remember things when drunk
I wish I was drunk
I wish my heart did not feel so shit
I wish John Scalzi would release a new novel already
I wish I did not get fucked around on Friday by reeds
I wish I did not worry so much
I wish I had better blood circulation
I wish I could do stand up
I wish I was a better cook
I wish that England was not so cold
I wish my belly was not so bloated
I wish did not have the X problem with my X
I wish cancer would go and Fuck off
I wish I had the chance to meet my Granddad on my mum’s side and my Grandma on my dad’s side
I wish I had a cup of ice tea, wait i do :)
I wish the Kaiser Chiefs would bring out the 4th album soon.
I wish I had not spent so much time doing this
I wish we had a better Christmas tree
I wish I could go back in time
I wish I could go to the Konami school
I wish Solid Snake was real
I wish I could sing
I wish I was not so boiling
I wish someone would give me a chance
I wish I had more than a dream
I wish I had more wishes
I wish the dog in Marley from real life and Marley and me never died
I wish I was not allergic to cats
I wish I was famous
I wish I had bigger hands
I wish the world was bigger
I wish there was more RPG’s on the PS3
I wish more people still used window live messenger
I wish Simpson was still funny
I wish I was not scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some more of these
I wish I had some filming kit
I wish I could see muse again
I wish I won the nobel peace prize
I wish more people could see the real me not the confident funny guy
I wish I could have unlimited takeaways
I wish I did not gain any Weight
I wish Leeds United was back in the premiership
I wish I had not set a 1 thousand minimum word limit for this
I wish I could travel the world
I wish I had someone who I could travel the world with
I wish more people would lighten up, me included
I wish it was GIN o’clock
I wish more people watched firefly
I wish I did not have this bad itch
I wish I didn’t have such high standards
I wish I trusted people more
I wish I could drive
I wish I did not have a feeling deep down inside me that tells me I will be alone for the rest of my life
I wish I did not get my hopes up
I wish I did not read to much in to something
I wish I could meet every person in the whole world and judge them

And done, enjoy?


Quick post

It looked like yesterday I would have got a job, only for 2 weeks over Christmas, but still a jobs a job, however thing went wrong. So first off they rang told me the details and that I would have to go to the reeds office in leeds (you see the job was through reeds employment). They told me what some of the things I need to bring in me was (passport, bank statement, passport size photos and national insurance card) and then they told me they would send an e-mail out with the location of their office and a confirmation on what is needed to the appointment. So I paid for £5 for and got some passport size photos while I waited for the e-mail, guess what it never came. So I had to look on google maps to find the location of their office.
The Next day I get to the location and guess what? The building is closed down. “WTF!” was my thought, so i had to ring my mum to get her to ring them to ring me back to give me there new location, so after about half an hour of faffing about I final got to the location. It was quite a nice office located at Toronto square building, it was near to the location that i had my year 13 prom, I digress. Once in I proceeded to wait for over half an hour. Then when I finally got in gave them the “correct” documents they told me they would not be able to take it because my bank statement was over 3 months old! Honestly it was 4 months old and they would not take, maybe it’s not there fault, they did not make up the rules, there conducting the interview for someone else. Surly it would make sense for them to tell me before though, so back home I went, so it is there fault actually. Ahhhh so that was a big fail.

This week has been so strange, it started off with a huge high and has got lower and lower for me. Really hope the weekend is better.

Random things and my dam nose

It’s been a very random week, some things I have done were planed a couple of gigs, EOM and pendulum. Some things were not a random night out and seeing an old friend someone who I have know since I was very young, but not seen a lot of for a while.  Amongst all of this, my stupid (large) nose is becoming more and more like snot factory. I have always had a sensitive nose and a big one for that matter. It’s stupid really I believe I have an allergy to dust, actually I believe I have an allergy to everything small (dog hair too) that can enter through my nose ,it’s infuriating.  I manage through it, i have no choice.

It’s a confusing time for me at the moment!
You know when you are so sure about something and then something happens to make you think the another way, but then another thing happens and that makes you think the original way, well that happened at the start of this week and now I am sick to death about thinking about it. My mind fuck up as it, does not want to think any more of this problem, but my poor mind is confused and my mind likes a good puzzle. Right now my brain is more confused than a epileptic pig going to it’s slaughter (for some reason I thought people may related to a dying pig more than my mind). It’s not a hard life being a teenage boy in fact it’s pretty piss easy. What it is though being 18 and a boy, is a constant changing vat of chemicals (in my brain) making me stressed and confused.  I honestly don’t know what is up with me. One min or one year i’m outgoing at college some people and i’d like to think funny, and the next I can struggle to talk to person i have know for years (at least at first it’s always awkward with me). THANK GOD for booze it did save me a little that night. I know there is reasons for my awkwardness.

So all I can do is sit writing this blog of mine and hopefully later today have a nice little writing session of my book (I have hit a little mental wall, well it is my first attempt at a book). I do this while worrying stupid amounts about things that I might be reading toi much in to some things.

Ahhhh fuck it, I have got some Keane on and i’m going to relax and write and hope that for a few moments i don’t think about it.
Wish me luck.

Also don’t be shocked if my blog looks completely different later today i’m experimenting with themes and hopefully a home page.