The diary of a pissed learner driver!

If you’ve read my twitter today, you may have noticed that i’m not in the best of moods. The reason for this strange change in mood for me, is my (be) damned driving instructor. I’m not going to name names……… yet! I want to give you a little background to give you a sane reason why i’m pissed off at him. First and foremost he is good instructor maybe he goes on a bit sometimes,  I can deal with that.

The first lesson he was very punctual when he came right on time. It went down hill from then on, while his lessons have being great I can’t complain. The problems started off small 10 min’s late one week, I can handle that (i’m a fucking reasonable guy), it’s a bit annoying every week but it’s only 10 mins. A few weeks later more it becomes 15 min’s most weeks, still not going to say anything. Then last week he came half an hour early! It was an early morning lesson so I had only just got ready when I saw the man coming down the drive – I was annoyed! Me hungry is not a productive person. I let it go without saying anything again, because my natural self is not someone who likes conflict. This week took home the complete and utter smokey bacon however. A lesson at 3pm 10 past 3 goes by nothing much to worry about he is always bloody late. 20 Past he has been this late before not much to worry about, but a little frustration began to grow.  Half an hour gone a new record for him! I was really annoyed I mean if he was running late, then a text would have been nice but I got nothing! Just rude. Another10 min’s  go past and I started to think he must have thought the lesson was an hour later, that made me mad, two weeks in row. Then though a text comes through to my phone it’s him “Sorry” he says. “Forgot to tell you I moved you’re lesson to tomorrow at 15.00” ahhhhhhhh. I replied then and there saying tomorrow would be fine but he can’t leave me waiting 40 min’s without telling me and that I was annoyed with him. Got a text back saying sorry again and that it was his fault. His fault of course it’s bloody his fault, talk about talking the obvious. I just left it there. I won’t be cancelling my lessons with him because he is good driving instructor, though the past two week’s have not being a good advert for him. If it happens again then there would be a good chance I will be looking for a new driving instructor.

Just had to get that off my chest.
Ohhh big i tunes annoucment wonder what it will be.
Update: bloody  Beatles… not worth the wait!


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