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Top 5 movies (adaptation)

It’s the end of the month’s and you know what that means, my top 5 list. I have decided to do this at the end of each month. There is only so many top 5 list I could do (not strictly true but there is only so many general list)so I’m going to do more specific top 5 list’s much like my first list which was just sci-fi books. So this month it’s movies, but only remakes of older movies and adaptation’s of books, comics, games (sadly non of those) and other material! Not all of these have I seen or read the source version but i know it was based on something and that they are bloody good films.

5: Jurassic Park

Hey you guys!

The book is on my to read pile, so I can’t compare it with the book, however as movie on it’s own merits it’s very enjoyable. Honestly (would i lie) I can’t think of one other movie is this good and has dinosaurs, I mean dinosaurs are cool because they just eat you no reasoning with a t-rex. I mean why the hell did evolution decide to turn them in to chickens!

4: Shawshank Redemption

Who should have been in the film!

Personally I feel it would have been a better film with these to actors in it! Based on the Stephen king short story Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Again I have not read the original material, it really is a damn good film. “Well made” is how I would describes it, while it is not what I would class as a classic on paper, it might be seen as a little slow. However when watching it you go in to that timeless zone that people go to when they are enjoying a film, something that does change after countless viewings
Where did Tim’s Robbins go after this film I have not seen in any thing after this, tell a lie I did see him in Zathura (I want to forget that, I’m sure he does too).

3: Watchmen

"on the watchtower"

For this one I can compare the film to the great graphic novel (a comic book). It is a great film, I do know some people think other wise, but their wrong. The setting, the music, the action and the story are all perfect in this film. Maybe it goes on too long and it’s a strange at times, then again the comic book is also very strange at times. It’s stays very true to source material, other than the end. Personally I liked fake interdemensional aliens more.

Time for a brake form the list for the worst movie adaptation of all of time!


Such a Gay film

Oh David lynch how did you take my favourite book and turn it in to a mess of poor nonsensical narration and strange homosexual themes. This film is infamous for have Sting in a stupid thong thing (see above). I like it when a film can go away from the original material, but you need to still stay true the essences or if not you better be a great film, but in this film instead of changing an idea to another idea. They keep the idea, do it another worse way which makes the films complex story make no sense There is to much narration in this film; narration to my mind has always been a poor and lazy way of moving the story along without actually showing it. I HATE THIS FILM :( it had so much potential. One good thing about it is that the special effects they are still quite cool.

2: Serenity

I actually love her :P

Based on the short lived TV show firefly (see: it apparently is what season 2 would have been, I really wish i could have seen it in a series because a lot of stuff happens in this film.  It has a lot of surprise along the way, i’m sure Joss Whedon would not have chosen all the story to have been in film form. It does still do it’s job by creating a semi satisfying and entertaining ending (well somewhat) to the story which had built up in 14 episodes.  How hot is Summer Glau, I have a such a large crush on her, hell don’t all male nerds have one?

1: Lord Of the Rings

I’m sure I don’t need to say much about this. Best movie trilogy , I think so! It top my list as i’m sure it will top lot of other list’s. A real epic of a film.

I did say i was not going to say much about it.


Going out round wakefield (watch coppers) tonight for my friends 19th, looking forward to it :)

SNOW SNOW you cancelled my driving lesson
But you made the ground all pretty
But then people steeped on you
And you became a sludge
That i will slip and fall on
When i’m pissed

Stargate Universe – Malice

It has been a while since I have blogged about my favorite topic – Stargate. Yesterday was the 8th episode of the second season of the 3rd spin off in the stargate TV franchise based on the 1994 movie  (and breath). While the rating have not been the best the second season so far, it has been one of the strongest of the entire franchise. Episode such as intervention, Awakening, Trial and Error and now Malice have being up there in my favorite episode of the show maybe even of the franchise (Over 350 episode and 3 films).

Now on to the episode. It struck me early on, even way before the episode even aired that this would be an interesting one. It was being written and directed by long time stargate writer Robert C Cooper; who has now left the show after 13 years. The episode was apparently inspired by the John Wayne so called classic “The searchers” a film i have seen a couple of times. An Indian drum beats acted as the musical theme for the fast passed start to the episode. This music from the start was clearly a statement that the episode would be a western, with that Sci-Fi twist. The story of the episode has been building up for a long time, much like the suicide of the lovely balled man “Spencer” from the first season. This time it was Robert Knepper (better know as T-bag from prison brake) who plays the Lucian Alliance prisoner Simeon. Since the start of the second season Simeon has there lurking in the background causing a little trouble here and there, he has those little looks at the other character, he was just plain creepy. He finally in the last episode snapped and killed not only Ginn (Eli Girlfriend) a fellow lucian Alliance member, because he was afraid that she would rat he out, as he knew crucial information about the an attack on earth. Ginn also contained Dr Rush long time friend and now lover Dr Perry who was then inhabiting Ginn body (very Sci-fi) so there was two people that Simmon had pissed off.

Crazy mofo Robert Knepper

Before they can get to Simeon, he managed to get through the Stargate to a desert planet. He was quickly followed by a very angry Dr Rush.

Rush on the Hunt

Rush was wanted to go fuck Simeon up, the problem however is that he knew  information that is crucial to earth. That’s all i’m saying about the plot because I want you to go watch it your self. It’s an amazing episode of an amazing show.
The Western style of this episode made it really fresh (much like what the episode Vegas did for SGA) and with the past few episode being set almost all on the ship it was nice to see another location, as well as the use of the stargate it self. The searchers inspiration was very clear throughout with Rush on a mad hunt for Simeon. Great Stargate and Great TV as a whole this episode. I have watch so much TV in my short life that’s it’s rare that I will feel my heart beating in a tense rush(no pun intended), but in that first 15 min’s it did not slow down and soon warmed my body up in the cold night’s we have being having.

I end with this link it’s a great website that’s aim it to keep SGU running as long as possible by getting those rating up before it’s too late-

The diary of a pissed learner driver!

If you’ve read my twitter today, you may have noticed that i’m not in the best of moods. The reason for this strange change in mood for me, is my (be) damned driving instructor. I’m not going to name names……… yet! I want to give you a little background to give you a sane reason why i’m pissed off at him. First and foremost he is good instructor maybe he goes on a bit sometimes,  I can deal with that.

The first lesson he was very punctual when he came right on time. It went down hill from then on, while his lessons have being great I can’t complain. The problems started off small 10 min’s late one week, I can handle that (i’m a fucking reasonable guy), it’s a bit annoying every week but it’s only 10 mins. A few weeks later more it becomes 15 min’s most weeks, still not going to say anything. Then last week he came half an hour early! It was an early morning lesson so I had only just got ready when I saw the man coming down the drive – I was annoyed! Me hungry is not a productive person. I let it go without saying anything again, because my natural self is not someone who likes conflict. This week took home the complete and utter smokey bacon however. A lesson at 3pm 10 past 3 goes by nothing much to worry about he is always bloody late. 20 Past he has been this late before not much to worry about, but a little frustration began to grow.  Half an hour gone a new record for him! I was really annoyed I mean if he was running late, then a text would have been nice but I got nothing! Just rude. Another10 min’s  go past and I started to think he must have thought the lesson was an hour later, that made me mad, two weeks in row. Then though a text comes through to my phone it’s him “Sorry” he says. “Forgot to tell you I moved you’re lesson to tomorrow at 15.00” ahhhhhhhh. I replied then and there saying tomorrow would be fine but he can’t leave me waiting 40 min’s without telling me and that I was annoyed with him. Got a text back saying sorry again and that it was his fault. His fault of course it’s bloody his fault, talk about talking the obvious. I just left it there. I won’t be cancelling my lessons with him because he is good driving instructor, though the past two week’s have not being a good advert for him. If it happens again then there would be a good chance I will be looking for a new driving instructor.

Just had to get that off my chest.
Ohhh big i tunes annoucment wonder what it will be.
Update: bloody  Beatles… not worth the wait!

Me around the world

This blog is about you’re truly, so now you have to look at photos of me in different places around the world, enjoy!

Me in china

Group photo of the trip to China

A long time ago. I'm in front of the stargate ride in 6 flags. It was near San Francisco

Oh btw it’s an awful ride.

At Disney quite a while ago (with my sister). Got a bit of a belly there :S

Me (of course) on the Capilano Suspension Bridge near Vancouver.

Eating popcorn.

My dad gives a threat to kiss me in time square.

At leeds bus station.

And a photo of my dog buster for good measure

Pulled apart by horses

Saturday I went to the wakefield venue “The hop” (linky to see the leeds rock band “Pulled apart by horses” (linky
Have a listen to one of their songs

Lovey, yes? Lovely is not the right word for them, but good, yes?

It was a great gig and one of the first bands I have seen since Leeds fest (other than two bands that my friends are in and going to see muse) and it showed, my ears are still recovering from last night. Maybe the ear situation is because for a brake in the mania of the gig, I decided to get out of the way of people by standing next to the speaker, not the wisest choice. I have to say in the small room that is the hop I did get kinda of sweaty with the closeness of people and the jumping about, but so did everyone else. Yeah also I have a few bruises, I loved it though. It’s not the first time I have seen them I got to see them from a distance at leeds festival and I watched their full set when they were one of the supports for muse. They are great band that I could see making quite far (in that old music business), at least well enough to make money, at least for a while. I hope to see them again, maybe next time they will be at a bigger venue, it would not surprise me.

I have also purchased a ticket to see the synthpop(?) band hurts at the leeds academy, I really can’t wait to see them, I can’t stop listing to them at the moment.

The Times They Are a-Changin – Except they are not!

This post is for no one in particular, I just want to get some thoughts out of my head and what better place to do that than a public place such as a blog. I’m 18 I have completed college and I’m quite happy with my grades (A.B.C). This is a time in my life that things should be changing. Lots of friends are now in university, some are working, some are back doing another year of college and then there are a few like me that can’t find a job (a couple that won’t) and our not at Uni. One thing about myself some people may or not know is that I’m I can be OK doing stuff… but it’s when there is a wait before doing that thing, that is when it affects me. That time before you do something, now in that time everything that is bad that could in fact happen while I go out, will shift through my mind, I could be guilty of letting that worrying stop me from going out, there is times. Right now my whole life is in one of the waiting periods. I don’t even know IF I want to go to university, let alone what course I want to do. I have not had a full time job so I’m not sure what that is like, so I worry about that and I’m not sure when I will get one. so it is another thing i’m waiting for that to happen. I would have thought or I would had hope by now I would have had a girlfriend to. At this moment I’m doing the same things as I was a year ago, seeing the same old friends (who are great), wanting that same old girl (who might not be that great) but nothing is happening. You could say that I’m having a midlife crisis at 18! Only a joke but seriously I feel like I’m in a rut something needs to change quick! I have way too much time on my hands and if it was not for the fact that I can write (which gives me some purpose in my limbo) I may have gone a little mad (if not already). I want to take advantage of all this time I have because, I’m sure once I get a full time a job I’m sure i will be complaining about that. So all I can do is my writing and write is what I will do!  I have been thinking about this too much laid in bed, looking at what other people are doing and being envious of them. Ahhhh whatever, it just piss me off. I have no direction just lots of dreams.  I could put more but I know I will just go round in circles because that what I do in my mind.

Have to say that this song seems to fits my feeling a lot at the moment.

I have the Pulled apart by horses gig this Saturday so i am looking forward to that so Woo.