The forth kind!!!!

I remember watching the trailer for this movie and it looked really good, because it was a quite Friday night for me and it was on sky anytime I thought why not?
Well I wish someone had given me a the why not before I spent 1 and half hours watching it. Tell a lie i had to skip some of it was so god damn slow. Not since the sickathon film antichrist have I been this disappointed with a film. Really as a someone who would call them self a fnerd when it comes to nearly all things sci-fi, I can honestly say this worse thing ever!! Yes even worse than Plan 9 from Outer Space a film I am quite fond of because of it’s crapness. I mean seriously in the whole film, you don’t have one alien and its about alien abductions. Seems to me they couldn’t afford a design to come up with an alien design and then the CG artist to make it.

A big fat 1 out 5 from me.

This is also a tester blog as it’s my first blog posted on my I pod touch.


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