Stargate Universe – Intervention


So the first episode of Stargate Universe Season 2 aired in the UK on Tuesday. As a big stargate fan I was shitting my self with excitement. With season 1 ending on a huge Cliff hanger, Chloe shot and not looking her best, Scott and Greer Stuck outside the ship with a deadly pulsar that will kill them if there still out there for much longer, Eli rushing to get to the air lock to get them back in. TJ has been shot which is even more worrying because she is pregnant. Telford has also been shot (lots of shot people). The destiny has been taken over by Lucian Alliance and to top it all off, the Alliance have round up all the military personal and it looks like they are going to execute them. I maybe would go so far as to say that perhaps there was to many question to be answered in this episode but they did manage to get them all answers so its all good. As this is going to be very biased review,  I would like to point out the negative of this episode, with all the main players in danger would it not have made sense to Kill one of them, its a catch 22, yes because I like all of them but it would add more danger to the show but maybe that will come later.


It was an action packed episode

Any way I don’t want to spoil the episode for anyone but everything was resolved quite nicely at the end of the episode. Lots of action, not much humor which is sadly come to expect for SGU and great drama and cool science. The real star of this episode was Alaina Huffman who plays T.J she did a great job in what was an emotional episode for her character, she really showed her acting chops in this one.

T.J and Space

A lovely shot and not just T.J ass.

One of the addition to SGU compared to the other Stargate’s is the addition of contemporary music which was only used in very few episode of Sg1 and Atlantis. And intervention had another great track in it – Mumford & Sons, After the Storm. It does seem to add a lot to the show, so I hope to see more of it.

The next episode of SGU is on at 9.00 PM Tuesday on Sky 1.
Watch because I don’t think the ratings are very good.


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