New Blog for a new month

Well September is over and so is any sort of decent weather. No don’t worry I am not going to start bloging (Blogging?) about weather, that’s next month. Just wanted to say, I feel I have not been blogging (Bloging?) as much as I should be. I think when I started this Blog I set my standards to high. I think the reason for this was that at the time I only read the two blogs first Mr Joseph Mallozi (A stargate writer and producer) who can be found here Now Mallozzi has Bloged (Blogged?) every day for since November 24th  2006 now that my friend is dedication. The other Blog that I read regular is This is John Scalzi, Blog an incredible talent writer and reading his blog is equally entertaining. He is another Blogger (a Bloggie?) that blog’s nearly. Those two people have interesting life’s, and are both professional writer.  Not saying I don’t have a interesting life (i have few interesting story’s)  just that I am not talented (Bothered?) enough to write one everyday. So don’t expect it you greedy bunch…. oh wait you weren’t, never mind then.

Today I had a trip in to my old school, Outwood Grange Academy. They now have a full proof security gate to keep the nasty people away. It is so secure that me a stranger, had to buzz the gate and say “can I come in please” hey-presto the gate opened. At the time I had no business clothes on (the clothes that sixth form students MUST ware) and had a hood over my head. I don’t see many flaws in their plan. Nice to see some friends again.


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