My stargate fan videos

When i was around 14/15 i made a habit of making stupid fan videos for stargate and the other night I happened to watch a few of them, so i decided to upload them on to youtube (again they got removed once for violating copyright or something). So i am gonna share a few, I did have a couple more but for some reason youtube won’t let me upload them at the moment.
So without further ado.

The first is a stargate Atlantis video using clips from just the first two seasons.

The next was a video i made when stargate SG1 was canceled, maybe i thought this video would single handedly save the show alas it failed but you can’t be to disappointed with 10 seasons.

The last one that i can show you is a bit of a random one its Leeds rhinos doing there stuff but to the stargate theme tune.

In other news Danny McGuire got the well deserved player of the year award for Leeds Rhinos. You can watch some of McGuire magic on the highlight video here


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