Pre Leeds festival blog

11 years it has taken the Leeds rhinos to go back to Wembley (granted it was being rebuilt in that time). I have seen the Rhinos lift every major trophy except 1, the challenge cup. Have a guess what day the challenge cup final is on, yep the same day as when i am at Leeds festival. I am upset and all that i won’t be able to go (the Challenge cup not Leeds Festival), but what can i do. I have already paid for the tickets, my tent, my beer, sleeping bag, etc. I have to go, guess there is worse places to be right. I have a few choices, first i could go to the festival and not watch the match and just have it recorded for when i come back home. Secondly i could try and find out if there is a place there that is showing the match at the festival (it is leeds  playing after all). Or last i could go home for a few hours on the Saturday to watch the match. Not all that sure what to do guess I will end up just make the decision on the day.

Here is the line up;

Gonna level with you, I don’t like it all that much :'( there are some bands which should be good Queen of the stone age and Weezer. Arcade fire is the band I am most looking forward to, Blink should be good and there is few more. At least i get to see Muse (a band i really want to see) a week later.

Anyway I shall say my goodbye to you all for now and see you in a few days, where i will be back we a full review of the weekend action.


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