How to cope with blogging (or lack of)

First off you would think after 3 blogs, i would have lots more to write, well it turns out i am not that interesting. So i could do a number of things. First i could go down the route of one James Dudley, and come up with semi comical blogs every couple of weeks. The problem with that is that i just don’t think i am funny enough for that.
I could also start posting some of my work for people to look at. But the problem with that is i could use this stuff in the future and having it available online could cause me some trouble. So i thought maybe i could write a some short stories exclusively for this blog, a story that i don’t think has much scope outside of the few pages it is on. Sounds like a plan!
Also why don’t i review some stuff, i read a lot why don’t i do a book review every now then. Some TV stuff as well, we will see. At least it should give me some scope to write more than a couple of blogs a month.

Leeds fest in a week, i have the early bird (get in a day early) so its gonna be a long experience. Last year was very fun so hopefully this year will be the same. Oh!… I also got some Muse tickets for old trafford cricket arena for the week after Leeds festival.


7 thoughts on “How to cope with blogging (or lack of)

  1. ashleylharnett

    I had the same problem, I’m on my second blog – the first lacked direction, the second lacks regular content. I have, though, recently taken to book-reviewing to fill in the space between longer posts.

    p.s. I love that picture.

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