No uni, no job, no style.

Over the last month i have been searching for a job. I have decided that i won’t be going to uni this year, but i will not rule out going all together. So what do i do for a year, well I am trying to got get some experience in the whole working world. Well that harder said then done, after applying for countless jobs I have got nowhere. I’m not going to give, but i am now job seekers allowance. £51.55 a week not bad for doing nothing but going on the Internet, ey? The fact of the matter is, that by going every couple of week with the chavs, with the cocks and the odd nice person makes me uneasy. Not only this but not having a job depresses me, I am stuck at home with my dog bored out my of my mind. It’s not easy been unemployed,  it does give me more time to write so it’s not all bad.

Actually thinking about it, it’s quite easy.


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