A quick introduction post. I don’t suppose that they will be that many reader of this blog,  that does not matte.  I feel I could do with a place to write my thoughts out loud. You could call it arrogance that I think any one would be interested in my thoughts and the day-to-day going on in my life (if I do go in to that).

Here’s a bit about me.
My name is Joel Hopkins.
I am 19 at the moment.
I am a writer that hopes to get successful.
Spelling and grammar is not my strong point.
This is my blog.

And just in case you don’t know what I look like here is a photo.


I am the one in the crotch.

I do honestly want to be a successful writer and be able make money from it. Doing something you love for a living, is anybody dream, right?
I write all kinds of things are started out at 14 just writing a stargate fan fiction. I have written a few screenplays that I am quite proud of;  I may post some bits of them on here now and then.  And right now I’m in the middle of writing a novel. That is It for I will hopefully keep up with this blog.
So wish me Luck

Oh and don’t be afraid to leave comments about how much of a saddo I am.

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