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Pre Leeds festival blog

11 years it has taken the Leeds rhinos to go back to Wembley (granted it was being rebuilt in that time). I have seen the Rhinos lift every major trophy except 1, the challenge cup. Have a guess what day the challenge cup final is on, yep the same day as when i am at Leeds festival. I am upset and all that i won’t be able to go (the Challenge cup not Leeds Festival), but what can i do. I have already paid for the tickets, my tent, my beer, sleeping bag, etc. I have to go, guess there is worse places to be right. I have a few choices, first i could go to the festival and not watch the match and just have it recorded for when i come back home. Secondly i could try and find out if there is a place there that is showing the match at the festival (it is leeds  playing after all). Or last i could go home for a few hours on the Saturday to watch the match. Not all that sure what to do guess I will end up just make the decision on the day.

Here is the line up;

Gonna level with you, I don’t like it all that much :'( there are some bands which should be good Queen of the stone age and Weezer. Arcade fire is the band I am most looking forward to, Blink should be good and there is few more. At least i get to see Muse (a band i really want to see) a week later.

Anyway I shall say my goodbye to you all for now and see you in a few days, where i will be back we a full review of the weekend action.

Results day!!

Months of nail biting has ended for thousands of A-level students today. For me personally, I did not get the slightest butterfly when I said my admin number out loud and not even the slightest tickle, as I got given the brown envelope. Nope i did not have a dry mouth. as I opened the envelope up and looked in at the contents. The reason why is because my teachers had already told me my results months ago and did not need them for Uni (see There were no surprise when i looked at the sheet that I had been given, they contained the results i was told I’d get months ago. I did get an A.B and a C, I am quite proud of the grades I got. Now if was off to Uni these grades should be enough, to get me to into a very nice average Uni out there with the course that I might want. Alas I am not, so I’m still looking for a job. Off out to celebrate my grades with everybody tonight, so that should be fun.

Tomorrow is the last regular home game of the season for the Leeds Rhinos, they are playing the Dragons. I am of to the match so hopefully they will win and be in good form going in to Wembley. Go Rhinos. You will notice as you read this blog, there will be lots of mentioned about the rugby league team Leeds Rhinos.

My top 5 science fiction books (so far)

I wanted to put a list up on here, of the 5 science fiction books i have read in my life, since i’m still in life mode it is so far.

First here are a few books that just missed out on the list.

Stephen Baxter -Flood, Ark
John Scalzi- The Ghost Brigade, The Lost Colony and The Android’s Dream
James Patterson- Maximum Ride novels 1-3

And in at number at number 5

Children of dune

The third book in the Dune series

The most recent books i have read that got in to the list. Dune as a series is a well thought out SF masterpiece, in my opinion . There has been many, many dune books but Children of Dune is the climax (eyy!) to the original trilogy that started with Dune. This book unlike the first 2 does not follow the story of Paul, it is the story of his two children Leto and Ghanima, both of the kids of inherited the same strange power that his father had. The book follows Leto as he tries to make his vision of the golden path come true. I would not recommend this book until you have read the first two either.

Frank Herbert is a very smart author and i can’t wait to read the other books he has written.

Coming in at number 4

The Forever war

The Vietnam war in space

An Action packed book. It reminds me a lot of Starship trooper. Joe Haldeman book has widely been seen as a comparison of the Vietnam war in but in the ‘Space Opera’ setting. Its more than that though, its one of the few books i have read that has shows, how much time would pass on your home world, when a person travels such vast distances. Ohh and there is device called a stargate  in it, not the same stargate as from the show but still cool never the less.

Riddle Scott is apparently making a movie of the book, its meant to be the next Avatar type film, so read up before it comes out.

Number 3 is

Lord of Light

Buddha step aside Sam is here.

A strange book, one that took me a while to get in to, but one that once i  did get in to it; was impossible to put down.  The book is set in the far future. Earth has been abandoned many years before, colonist that escaped from Earth have found a new planet and have started to seed life on the planet. There is a twist though, the original colonist use there advance knowledge to become gods to the new human life seeded on the planet. They limit the knowledge of the new humans to keep them in check. However Sam one of the first colonist wants to change that. What happens after that is an epic story of his life, which reads like parables of a holy book .
The book infuses religion and Science fiction in a way that i have never before seen, but hope to see again.

In the second spot is

Old man's war

The first book of the trilogy

John Scalzi is one few author that i have read every book of, I plan to read any future books. Old man’s war is the first book of trilogy however it can be read as a stand alone novel. Scalzi is the only author, I have read that puts together Comedy, Action and hard Science into one book. Set in a Universe, that when you get to be 75 you have a choice you can either live out the rest of your life or you can join the army and fight in space. This book truly has everything for a Sci-Fi fan and i mean everything, it has an orgy of old people that have been transferred in to green skinned humans, and who would not want to read that. If your not interested in Sci-Fi (why are you reading this?) I would still recommend this book but as a soft way to get in to the genre.

And finally at number 1……….


A classic

A classic and obviously the first book in the series. This book tells the story the Atreides family on the planet of dune (Arrakis). Paul the son of Leto Atreides discovers he has strange powers that allow him to tell the future, so what do with his powers, he uses them to kill the emperor of the know Universe (It’s a lot more complex than that, just trying to put the basics on here). He takes over the empire using his powers and the brute strength of the fremen of dune, who end up worship him as a god. I have decided to put two dune books in this list because they are just so damn good! There is not much i can say about the book other than it is a must read. Give it a few chapters and you’ll be hooked. The series is set so far in the future that its hard to find connection to the humans as we are now, but that makes discovering about the the Dune Universe that little bit more exciting.

My computer is been stupid so it took me a long time to write this blog ,a bloody long time. Its only 2 days till my A-level results day, shall keep you informed.


How to cope with blogging (or lack of)

First off you would think after 3 blogs, i would have lots more to write, well it turns out i am not that interesting. So i could do a number of things. First i could go down the route of one James Dudley, and come up with semi comical blogs every couple of weeks. The problem with that is that i just don’t think i am funny enough for that.
I could also start posting some of my work for people to look at. But the problem with that is i could use this stuff in the future and having it available online could cause me some trouble. So i thought maybe i could write a some short stories exclusively for this blog, a story that i don’t think has much scope outside of the few pages it is on. Sounds like a plan!
Also why don’t i review some stuff, i read a lot why don’t i do a book review every now then. Some TV stuff as well, we will see. At least it should give me some scope to write more than a couple of blogs a month.

Leeds fest in a week, i have the early bird (get in a day early) so its gonna be a long experience. Last year was very fun so hopefully this year will be the same. Oh!… I also got some Muse tickets for old trafford cricket arena for the week after Leeds festival.



Last night mother nature put on a show for us. As last night there was a meteor shower that was having a showing above our house. But there one small problem street lamps. The light pollution and some cloud cover, meant that trying to find the meteors in the sky was an extremely hard task. After a while though the show started, the first one i saw was the best, a huge, long, bright white line streaked across the sky. Watching it must have been like being on a alien world, well it would have been if my conservatory wasn’t in the corner of my eye. 10 Minute later I had seen 6 more in the sky but non as big as the first, so after 20 minutes I went back in from the cold.

Leeds match tonight against Castleford. Good luck Rhinos.

No uni, no job, no style.

Over the last month i have been searching for a job. I have decided that i won’t be going to uni this year, but i will not rule out going all together. So what do i do for a year, well I am trying to got get some experience in the whole working world. Well that harder said then done, after applying for countless jobs I have got nowhere. I’m not going to give, but i am now job seekers allowance. £51.55 a week not bad for doing nothing but going on the Internet, ey? The fact of the matter is, that by going every couple of week with the chavs, with the cocks and the odd nice person makes me uneasy. Not only this but not having a job depresses me, I am stuck at home with my dog bored out my of my mind. It’s not easy been unemployed,  it does give me more time to write so it’s not all bad.

Actually thinking about it, it’s quite easy.


A quick introduction post. I don’t suppose that they will be that many reader of this blog,  that does not matte.  I feel I could do with a place to write my thoughts out loud. You could call it arrogance that I think any one would be interested in my thoughts and the day-to-day going on in my life (if I do go in to that).

Here’s a bit about me.
My name is Joel Hopkins.
I am 19 at the moment.
I am a writer that hopes to get successful.
Spelling and grammar is not my strong point.
This is my blog.

And just in case you don’t know what I look like here is a photo.


I am the one in the crotch.

I do honestly want to be a successful writer and be able make money from it. Doing something you love for a living, is anybody dream, right?
I write all kinds of things are started out at 14 just writing a stargate fan fiction. I have written a few screenplays that I am quite proud of;  I may post some bits of them on here now and then.  And right now I’m in the middle of writing a novel. That is It for I will hopefully keep up with this blog.
So wish me Luck

Oh and don’t be afraid to leave comments about how much of a saddo I am.